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Hello everyone. Welcome once again to LIFECLASS. I’m glad you came. Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful opportunity to be in a class where we share Life.

It appears we’re not going to leave that particular verse in a hurry. I mean 1 Kings 18:41. it’s simply loaded with so many tools we need to break our gush of abundance. In the last class, we read of the twin command given expressly by Elijah to King Ahab in preparation for his gush of abundance. In 1 Kings 18 verse 41, Elijah commanded Ahab to

  1. Get Up
  2. Eat and Drink.

But in that last class, we looked only at the first command –  Get up. Today, we’re considering the second express command – Eat and Drink. I title today’s LIFECLASS – Behave! If You Believe.

Isn’t it rather ironic that Elijah commanded Ahab to begin to do in Advance what he will later start doing and doing in excess when the abundance arrives! Or wait a minute, doesn’t Elijah know that there had been drought for three and a half years and of course, everyone in the nation was starving already of food?

For Ahab, Eat and drink for means two things.

  1. Start behaving what you’re expecting
  2. Celebrate! Make merry, Cheer up, lighten up your countenance, rejoice

Let me start with the first. How would it look like when the king suddenly starts celebrating, eating and drinking in front of everyone while they looked at him and starved? Let me tell you something. You have to learn to start behaving what you believe not minding what anyone will think or say and irrespective of the virtual reality slamming you in the face. I call all those obstacles virtual realities because God’s word is your reality. Whatever God says about you, that’s your reality.

For instance, if you’re waiting to the called up to resume some job or the other, even though they haven’t got back to you as the employers promised, it’s time you start behaving exactly how you’d do when you get called. Wake up early, dress up for work like you will do when you resume work. Iron your shirts and wears as you would do. Get an office desk and ergonomic chair for yourself in the corner of your room or house and resume work daily as you would do in that your dream company.

I’ve always dreamt of being a distributor of God’s blessing. Right when I was still being broke, I got several blank envelopes and wrote names of all the people I’d love to give regularly to. Then I labeled them with the amounts I’d love to give to these people. It looked like a joke, but not long after that, it came to pass.

If you want to get married soon, pick a convenient wedding date for yourself and prayerfully, keep thanking God in anticipation of that wedding date, even if you’re not sure yet of who your spouse will be.

Bible says

Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By it, the elders obtained a good report. – Heb 11:1

What amazes me in this scripture – 1 Kings 18 that we’re considering – is that all these commands had to be carried out even after God’s promise in verse 1 that he was ready to send rain onto the land.

Let’s confirm this again.

And it came to pass after many days, that the word of the LORD came to Elijah in the third year, saying, Go, show thyself unto Ahab; and I will send rain upon the earth.

See, God had given His word that He was ready to send rain upon the land in verse 1, yet, Elijah had to fish out the eight hundred and fifty (850) evil prophets in verse 21 and instructed the people to choose between either following God or the Baal (devil).

God had already promised to send rain, yet, Elijah had to call down (God’s) fire in verse 38, get the people to praise God in verse 39, kill the evil prophets in verse 40 and then commanded Ahab to get up, eat and drink in verse 41. All these preparations? Even after God had given his word to send rain unto the land? It tells you that your faith in God’s word will only get you results when you apply God’s wisdom backed up with action. James 2:17 says – Faith without works is dead. You have to begin to behave what you believe. That’s what Elijah meant when he commanded Ahab  to ‘Eat and Drink’ in anticipation of the coming rain of abundance

Let me go to the second point.

To eat and drink is to celebrate, cheer up, lighten up your countenance, and rejoice. There has been hunger for years and people have lost their ability to hope. Hope was dead. But Hopeless people don’t receive abundance. They only grope. They murmur, they complain, they wear sagged faces and moody looks. It’s natural to look depressed when you’re in lack. It’s understandable to always wear a frown when you’re broke or when business isn’t doing fine. It looks okay to nag always because you don’t have children of your own, after more than a year in marriage, but for all these, you must get your hope back, if you ever want to change those situations.

No wonder, The Bible instructs in Isaiah 54 verse 1:

Sing, O barren, you who have not borne! Break forth into singing, and cry aloud, You who have not laboured with child! For more are the children of the desolate. Than the children of the married wife” says the Lord.

Why should you break forth into singing? Because joy is the gateway to abundance. Weeping remains for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Joy ushers in the morning. Without joy, there’s no morning, no abundance. Elijah knew this much. He knew that there’d be no abundance when Ahab the king, leader, and custodian of the people’s lives remains downcast, gloomy, or sober. He must spring up with joy, celebrate, eat drink and be merry in anticipation of that abundance. Then will everyone in the nation follow suit and there’d be so much expectations of faith in the atmosphere. And that will be followed by manifestations of abundance.

Today’s message is clear. Two things will usher in your abundance speedily. Your faith actions – behaving what you believe and secondly your joy and merry heart in the lord which is a confirmation that you have received this abundance in your spirit. Say, Lord Jesus, from today, I refuse to act or talk contrary to what I believe. I step out and back up my faith with positive actions in Jesus Name. Amen!

If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, then now is the time for you. Bible says with joy shall we draw out water from the wells of salvation. Your salvation is now. Say, Lord Jesus, my heart is full of Joy and I receive your salvation today. I receive forgiveness for all my sins and I’m glad my name is written in the book of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Thanks for joining LIFECLASS today. Remain blessed as you meet me again in the next class. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

Good day, and welcome to another LIFECLASS. I’m always glad to know you’re here. Remember that you can catch any of the episodes of LIFECLASS you miss, on our website: We bless God’s name for another wonderful opportunity we have. Lord, we glorify you in Jesus Name.

Let me quickly go into today’s episode. In the last class, we saw that one major blockage in your pipe for God’s gush of abundance is anything that shares God’s glory in your life, anything that guarantees you an alternative option to trusting God a hundred percent. These are your prophets of Baal and like Elijah; you must get rid of them out-rightly. You must kill them and get them out of your life.

Today’s LIFECLASS is titled – Get Up. We’re building solidly on the last class.

Now, the prophets of Baal are dead, it’s time for abundance. 1 Kings Chapter 18 Verse 41 brings the next step and instruction for abundance. Elijah told Ahab to Get Up!

What does getting up have to do with breaking our gush of abundance? Believe me, it will do a lot. To understand the weight of that statement, we need to reexamine the present position of the king in that portion of the scripture. I know this is a class and may look different from a sermon, but yet I prophesy to you today to get up and saddle yourself in preparation for your abundance in Jesus’ Name. You have been on this mountain for too long. You have remained hopeless for too long. Perhaps you have endured that situation for too long. It’s time to wake your spirit up and say I’m done with this level. You may have to look yourself in the mirror and just say You know what, I refuse to be held down by anything, not even myself. I’m getting up!

Again, In the last LIFECLASS, we saw that Elijah had to kill the prophets of Baal because their presence had caused the people’s faith to hover between God and the devil, so they had to be taken out of the picture so the people can concentrate their faith on God.  But in today’s class, It’s not about any external force or any devil you need to rebuke. It’s about you making that strong commitment to rise up from your sorry state and muscle up the confidence to change your situation, to get up and change course.

You can imagine how worn out and depressed king Ahab had been in 1 Kings 18 verse 41. Even after the prophets of Baal had been killed, he would be thinking, where will I start from? For three and a half Years, there had been no drop of rain and I’m sure every farm produce was dead. There would be severe hunger in the land. People in his kingdom would already be dying of various diseases.

That king would be thinking – “Well, yes the prophets of Baal are now dead, and God has promised abundant rain, but that’s a promise, I can’t see it yet. Where do I start?” So Elijah’s command came timely. In the midst of that delusion, he said ‘GET UP!’. It’s a command. You have no choice. Just get up! I also command you to get up from whatever hopeless situation you’ve been docked to, against your wish, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

That kings Ahab’s thought may also be what you’re thinking too. That feeling of ‘where do I start from?’ You may then be saying – ‘what I want is to get something going, abundance or no abundance, let me just get something small, something to eat, something to invest small. Just something’! That’s not a good position to be. I’ve been there too. Our God is not a God of something! He’s a God of all things and big things.

I want to tell you that your abundance is an asset worth standing up for. Your destiny is tied to your abundance, so is your fulfillment in life. Only those who break their gush of abundance go ahead to fulfill destiny. You need to get up from that corner or pity, hopelessness or perhaps mediocrity and laziness you’ve put yourself. Consider the case of David in 1 Samuel chapter 30 from verse 1 to 20. David’s camp was invaded while he went to war with his men somewhere.

The invaders took away all their wives and children. The Bible says that David and the people that were with him lifted up their voices and wept until they had no more power to weep. And all the while as he wept, nothing happened. Nothing happened until he rose up and in Verse 6 of that same 1 Samuel 30, the Bible says “And David encouraged himself in the Lord his God”.

What I’m teaching you in today’s LIFECLASS is that you do as David did in 1 Samuel 30 verse 6 – he stopped crying and stopped feeling sorry for himself and stopped counting his loses but instead rose up in faith and encouraged himself in the Lord. Again, what I’m teaching you by God’s leading in today’s LIFECLASS is that you quit getting used to drought, lack, hunger and living an ordinary life but instead Get Up in faith, just as Ahab did and start preparing to live in plenty, satisfaction and spirit-filled extraordinary life.

See, if you don’t stand up and change gear, then your abundance will only be a thing you wish and it will remain elusive. I want you to know that God has you in mind and He has a plan for you in spite of whatever difficulty you may be having on your way to unleashing your gush of abundance. If not, your situation could have been worse.

Now, wait a minute, do you know that God actually has you in mind all along even while you haven’t hit your gush of abundance. He’s the reason you have the little you have now. He’s the reason your situation is not worse than it is right now.

During Elisha’s time when there was famine in the land just like this one we’re seeing in 1 Kings chapter 18, during that drought under Elisha in 2 Kings 6:28, Bible records that some of the women, ate their own children, but here in 1 Kings 18, with Ahab, there’s no such occurrence. It didn’t get that bad. So there’s a reason to thank God. Please, get up and get going! there’s no reason to stay down. Also in the case of David in that 1 Samuel 30 verse 2, Bible says instructively that the invaders did not kill anyone in his camp, they only abducted them. So you see God’s hand all the way. Had they all been killed, there’d be nothing to fight for.

You now see that God has been there all the way. You need to thank Him for that. He has started working on your behalf even when you do not seem to see it. Now He tells you to Get Up and move. He’s got everything planned out. Thank Him. You have no reason to stay on that spot and regret something that had happened in your past. You shouldn’t even sit and start lashing yourself for not following God’s instructions in the past that could have led to your gush of abundance. Even if you’ve failed Him before now and the devil is making you think He’s punishing you for that, whereas He’s not, yet I tell you to get up and get going. Your abundance is just around the corner.

Here’s another reason you need to get up and get moving. You have no choice in this matter. It’s an express command. That statement is not a bit of advice and it doesn’t seek your opinion. You actually do not have a choice in that matter. If you’re attending this LIFECLASS class, then it’s no mistake that you are here. Elijah didn’t urge Ahab to Get Up. He ordered him to. He didn’t even respect the fact that he was a king.

Why? Because it’s not about him as an individual. It’s about the nation he leads. If he is down, the whole country is down. If he hits that abundance as he was soon going to, the whole nation hits it too. When David chose to cry in 1 Samuel 30 verse 4, when he chose to cry over spilled milk, notice that everybody cried with him. That’s how it is with leadership. If you’re a leader in whatever capacity and you choose not to ‘Rise Up’ and take responsibility by breaking that gush of abundance waiting for you, just know that you’re holding down the destinies of all others. I hope you know that being a married man, a father or even a mother already makes you a leader in that family. Please don’t fail your family. Your family deserves abundance. And if you’re asking me, what do I do then? My answer: Do what you think is right. Do what you think is the next thing. You’ve waited long enough! End the waiting. It’s time to act. God’s will is in doing, not in folding your arms and waiting lazily.

Resolve today in your heart that you’re going to follow all the steps towards hitting that gush of abundance that we’ve been seeing and will still see more in this series.  Today’s lesson is simple, buts it’s a must for you. It’s also a command: DON’T STAY DOWN, GET UP and GET GOING.

Say, Lord Jesus, I thank you for today’s LIFECLASS class. I’m sorry I’ve stayed down for too long. I rise out of every fear, doubt, mediocrity and laziness. I stand up for my abundance. No more pity-party and stagnancy.  In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

But this gush of abundance we’ve been talking about only belongs to sons (Born again children of God). I invite you into this abundance today if you haven’t received Jesus. Say, Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I realize how far I have been away from my only source of abundance. I receive your forgiveness and I’m ready to forsake my sins. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

When we come to the end of every LIFECLASS, I’m always glad that I thank God we’ve had the opportunity to impact lives. If you have been blessed in any way, then spread the good news of Jesus. Share this message. Invite someone to LIFECLASS. Please, join me again next time. Remain blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Hallelujah to Jesus! Thanks for joining LIFECLASS today. I really appreciate you for following. Our life classes are getting interesting these days. I urge you not to miss any episode at all. If you ever miss any LIFE CLASS, please catch it on our website –

In the last LIFE CLASS, we saw the importance of always carrying the Holy Ghost fire in abundant measure, so you’re not deprived of any part of your inheritance in God. I also told you to get violent with your faith and stop being docile.

Today, we’re going deeper or let me say tougher on our journey towards having that gush of abundance. Yes, remember our current series is ‘GUSH OF ABUNDANCE‘. Like many other life classes, today’s class is an express instruction – Kill the Prophets of Baal!

When we say abundance, many people think we’re talking about something that comes very easy. A few days ago, I explained to you that the devil will always put up a fight the moment he knows you’ve caught the revelation of God’s willingness to release His gush of abundance on you. You know why? The world is okay with you just being okay to take care of yourself and maybe your immediate family. But it is only when you live in abundance that you can reach out to others and pull other people up. Bible says, ye that are saved, rise up for the salvation of others.

If you don’t have overflowing peace in your mind, how can you radiate peace onto other people you meet?

If what you have is just enough for you, you cannot pull anyone out of poverty.  You can do that only when you have in abundance.

So you see, Abundance does not come without a fight, let alone a sudden gush of abundance. Now, notice I didn’t say ‘struggle’, we’re not called to struggle. To struggle is to fight, hoping to win. We’re called to fight a good fight of faith. A fight that is biased in our favour. A fight we have already won, as the Bible says in Romans 8:37 that we’re more than conquerors. To break this gush of abundance, you will not need to struggle in real life, but you have to wage a war in the spirit realm and also take clear-cut and express decisions about your lifestyle, your attitudes, and your associations. You need to take a stand. You need to kill the prophets of Baal!

So, why do we have to kill anything on our way to releasing our gush of abundance? The answer is in the scripture we’ve been seeing for the past few days. Let’s flip again to 1 Kings chapter 18 verse 38-40

38. Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice, and the wood, and the stones, and the dust, and licked up the water that was in the trench.

39. And when all the people saw it, they fell on their faces: and they said, The LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.

40. And Elijah said unto them, Take the prophets of Baal; let not one of them escape. And they took them: and Elijah brought them down to the brook Kishon, and slew them there.

Elijah was specific and intentional. In 1 Kings chapter 17 verse 1, he got provoked by the intense idolatry in the land and he decreed that there’d be no rainfall. Then in chapter 18 verse 21, we see that the famine and drought had persisted for so long because the people’s faith had been made to hover between God and the idols due to the presence of these evil prophets and priests in the land. So, the people had been kept in suffering because they served two masters. They shared God’s glory with the devil. Our God is a jealous God and in Isaiah 42 verse 8, He says He will not share His glory with anyone.

You see LIFECLASS, Abundance begins when you destroy every barrier to it. Everything usurping the glory of God in our lives needs to be done away with. Idolatry in any form, physically or in our hearts must be purged out, for the living God to take His rightful place.

Killing the prophets of Baal in our lives could take a whole sermon and teaching, but here, I’m saying that everything sharing God’s glory in your life is a prophet of Baal. Anything that promises or guarantees you of an alternative to trusting God a hundred percent (100%) is a prophet of Baal. It could be your job, a gift you have, some friends, a grant you received, or a loan, a gathering you attend. It could even be a false sense of service to God that does not come from the heart but based on sentiments and ego. I’m not telling you to kill anyone, but get rid of such relationships if you really want to step into abundance. God will not release His gush of abundance when you already have fulfillment in something other than Him. If you already think you can get by marginally or just manage the little you have, I’m telling you, that thinking in itself is a prophet of Baal. It places a limit on God’s Providence in your life. God will just let you be. You may be a genuine child of God, but be sure; his abundance is for those who depend on him a hundred percent (100%) for it and not partially.

Here’s another reason Elijah had to kill the prophets of Baal.  Because he knew the king and some people in the land still had sympathy for their idols and as long as they do, the drought would remain. Now, Can you see the point I’m making here? You need to get rid of every source of unbelief, doubt, fear or anxiety. Those are the blockages in the pipe of God’s abundance for you. Let me show you something God showed me recently:

The reason many people remain in lack is the thinking that what they have may soon finish if they don’t manage it and hoard it jealously. The moment you breakthrough that ‘it could finish’ mentality in your mind and in your spirit, your abundance will gush out.

So you’re asked to pay tithe and you think ‘Ah if I do, my money will finish‘, or you see a loved one in need and instead of giving lavishly, you are thinking ‘Ah, where will the next one come from?‘. Your children are to buy textbooks and you say ‘Oh common, manage the exercise books‘ thinking “Ah, it will soon finish‘. Of course, I’m not in any way telling you not to be prudent, but if your own reason for being prudent is so what you have does not finish, then you need to kill that thinking – that’s your own prophet of Baal.

The very point I want you to see here is, that ‘it may finish’, ‘it will soon finish’ mentality is a prophet of Baal that’s blocking your gush of abundance because it’s an insult on our God! “Silver and gold are mine” – that’s what He said. So, He cannot run out of money. He owns all the cattle upon a thousand hills. That doesn’t sound like something that can finish. So change your thinking to ‘I have in abundance’, I will do God’s will, ‘I will be a distributor because my God has more than enough, it cannot finish’

Check again closely in verse 41 and you will see the other reason why Elijah had to get rid of the prophets of Baal. They had been and would have remained a huge source of distraction to the king if they lived. In verse 41, Elijah told King Ahab to get up, eat and drink, for there is a sound of abundance of rain – calling forth those things that be not as though they were.

This instruction requires absolute faith and no speck of doubt. If you don’t get rid of certain things in your life, you will never be able to believe God. You may have to skip that your next loan cycle, maybe you shouldn’t take that next loan, so you can strengthen your faith in God’s ability to provide. If you’re in business, sometimes you see banks coming to beg you to take loans, not because they love you, it’s so you can remain in debt and unrest of mind over a pending payment and ultimately find it impossible to be still and know that He is God. You don’t need that anymore. You need to learn to trust in God a hundred percent (100%) even if heavens threaten to fall, even if bills pile up on your table. Kill your prophets of Baal and give room for God to take full control of your life.

For King Ahab to obey the next instructions that would lead to that abundance after three and half years of drought, there must be nothing distracting him (King) and he must take instructions from God and God alone. Now that’s the thing! When you have more than one alternative for success, then you cannot have abundance. When you focus on God on one side and man on the other hand, who takes the Glory? God will not share his glory with any man or circumstance. Think about this, people.


Say, Lord Jesus. I thank you for your word. You own all the cattle upon a thousand hills, silver and gold are yours, every good and perfect gift come from you. I do not need anyone’s approval to trust you. I purge myself of everything that shares my trust or confidence in you. I kill every prophet of Baal in my life in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

If you haven’t at any time received Jesus. Hear this:  Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life. Please come to him today. Say, Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I’m ready to let go of every idol I hold in esteem, I receive forgiveness for all my sins and I receive you into my heart as my Lord and Saviour. Thank You for saving me. Amen!

Thanks for attending today’s LIFECLASS. Let’s meet next time by God’s grace. Remain blessed in Jesus Name. Amen

Good day everyone, I’m David Adeniji and I welcome you once again to LIFECLASS. Today’s class is titled – You Need Fire!

So you may be asking me that what does fire has to do with having a gush of abundance. I’m still staying very closely with the last LIFECLASS where I told you to challenge every organized standard blocking your gush of abundance.

Please let me tell you something. It is very important to God that you hit this gush of abundance coming your way, as much as it is important to the devil that you do not hit it. You will be deceiving yourself if you think the only reason for your lack of abundance is just because you haven’t applied the right strategies or you haven’t met the right people. For every child of God, Satan needs you to fail or at best remain on one spot,  God wants you to succeed and access His abundance quickly and continuously.

The reason is simple. I told you in episode 14 of the last series – focus on what is working, that You’re a signature of God’s nature, an artiste of God’s record label, you’re an earthly franchise of God’s conglomerate. So it will be God’s great pleasure to release His abundance to you. But that will be possible only when you carry His Fire!. God’s Fire indeed breaks forth your abundance. It’s time to stop being a cold Christian. If you remain cold, cannot break that gush of abundance God wants you to break. Because the moment you do, God will be glorified. And this, the devil never wants. It’s time to prove him wrong. It’s time to call down God’s fire upon yourself. It’s time to get charged up in your spirit.

Bible says,

12. And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

Listen LIFECLASS, I’m not here to motivate you. What you need is the fire that keeps you constantly motivated. It’s time to get violent and aggressive with your faith. Enough of this bread and fishes version of the faith that seeks Jesus only on the surface and never ready to go deep as The Lord Jesus himself puts it in John 6:26. It’s time to take your walk with God personal and quit being docile. It’s time you began to pray like you really know that your abundance depends on it. It’s time to get constantly charged up God’s Word!

Let me continue from where I stopped in the last episode. In 1 Kings 18:24, Elijah said very confidently:

Call on the name of your gods, and I will call on the name of the LORD: and the God that answereth by fire, let him be God.

What a challenge!

If you want your gush of abundance to happen quickly, invite God’s fire regularly to trash out issues that seem difficult. Our God is a consuming fire. So are we his children. After all, it’s only normal we be like our father. So don’t become too modern or too sophisticated or too spiritually gentle to carry God’s fire or use it when there’s a need for it. Don’t wait until situations get bad before you invoke God’s fire in the Name of Jesus!. When I say God’s fire, I mean his ability to take care of unwanted situations within a very short time to prove to the enemy that He’s in charge – just like he did in the case of Elijah.

To break forth your gush of abundance, you need all the help you can get from God, and you certainly need His Fire.

Today’s LIFECLASS is telling you the way it really is. The Bible says Fire goes before the Lord and consumes his enemies. If you think the devil is just going to spread out a red carpet and watch you march into a gush of abundance without a fight, then I think you should stop joking.  A sudden gush of financial abundance on you could lead to liberation for so many people in your family from poverty. So you see that keeping you in poverty or just making ends meet, indirectly means many more people around you whom God has destined you to lift, will instead remain in poverty. So you see, Jesus wants your gush unleashed more than you even realize it’s importance yourself. You need to wake up!

Now, here’s the reason you need God’s fire: in I Kings 18: 37-38, Elijah said…

  1. Hear me, O LORD, hear me, that this people may know that thou art the LORD God, and that thou hast turned their hearts back again.
  1. Then the fire of the LORD fell, and consumed the burnt sacrifice

In verse 37, Elijah needed that fire for two separate reasons. 1. That the people may know that God is the Lord and 2. That they may know that He, God has turned their hearts back again.

Very simple, that scripture shows you the exact point I’ve been trying to make. Without God’s fire on you, people will joke with you and toss you to and fro. When you keep meeting failure at the edge of your success, or you find it almost impossible to break out of any vicious negative cycle in your life, then what you need is fire. When this fire comes upon you, the world will know you’re a changed person and things going wrong will begin to turn right. People who hate you will find out they can’t do without you. They will be forced to acknowledge that your God is in action.

In Acts, chapter 2 verse 1 when the fire fell on the disciples, the Bible says they spoke with new tongues and from then on, they who had been running away from persecution and could not preach the Word boldly, became so confident and everybody knew something new had happened to them. You need fire today!  LIFECLASS.

The second reason you need fire is so that your heart can remain tuned always to God’s frequency.

Oh! Have I told you that the fire I’m talking about here is the fire of the Holy Ghost? When this fire drops on you, you begin to crave for more of Him. The Bible says in Psalms 42 verse 1, that as the deer pant after the water brooks, so my soul pants after you. When the apostles received that fire like cloven tongues in the upper room. They became super confident and ready to share the gospel with anyone.

Whenever there’s a sudden gush of the Holy Ghost fire, then it means God has transformed the heart of the people to crave for Him constantly. To wait on Him always for His leading and to zealously pursue every line of His leading. The Holy Ghost fire is a spirit upon you for kingdom service.

Remember that Jesus said in John 16:13 that

  1. Howbeit when he, the spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

Again listen to Malachi 3:2

For he is like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap: 3and he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the Lord an offering in righteousness.

In that scripture that we looked at – 1 Kings chapter 18, when that fire fell from heaven at Elijah’s request, the evil prophets were disgraced. All the people were gripped with God’s awesomeness and they proclaimed repeatedly that The Lord Is God in verse 39 and in verse 45, there was abundant rainfall, after three and a half years of drought.

So listen LIFECLASS, you need fire for every work of darkness to be disgraced in your life. You need a gush of the Holy Ghost fire on you right now to refine you, to purge you of every unrighteousness and to baptize you for service. The good thing is you can never have enough of the Holy Ghost fire. So if you’re having that fire already, please crave for more. More fire means a stronger gush of abundance upon you in every aspect of your life. If your marriage is getting cold and you no longer have your husband or wife’s cooperation like before, what you need is fresh fire.

If your life suddenly begins to lack the proof of God’s presence and people are beginning to mock your God over certain situations, what you need is fresh fire. If you suddenly begin to lack creative ideas to keep your product in the market or keep your business afloat in the face of keen competition, what you need is fresh fire. I mean whatever dullness you’re experiencing in any facet of your life, what you need is a fresh outpour of the Holy Ghost fire.

So open your mouth and get aggressive. Don’t stay gentle this time. ASK FOR FIRE! Say, Lord Jesus, I need a fresh outpour of your Fire!. Fill me till I overflow. Let your Holy Ghost fire gush on me in such a measure that people will immediately see and know that you’re God in my life. Let there be an evident turnaround in the mighty Name of Jesus.

But again, you need Jesus first, if you want the Holy Spirit and you haven’t given your life to Jesus, it’s your day. Say, Lord Jesus, I receive you today, into my heart. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive your forgiveness. Thank you for writing my name in your book of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

We’ve come to the end of another LIFECLASS. Thanks for joining in. Let’s meet again in the next episode by His grace. Remain blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Hello! Good morning everyone. Happy new week! And welcome to another episode of LIFECLASS. Hope you’ve followed every episode of LIFECLASS, especially from the beginning of current series – ‘Gush of Abundance’.

Oh yes! Our current series is titled ‘Gush Of Abundance’ and we’ve had four (4) episodes already. Please visit our website: to catch all other episodes of LIFECLASS.

Today, actually, I’m challenging you to a spiritual challenge. I’m saying ‘Challenge the Standards!’ You know that what I do is to carefully show you in any series we talk about, how people in the Bible achieved theirs. Today, I need you to understand that to break loose your gush of abundance, there are some organized obstacles as well as human and demonic hindrances you need to remove from your way. More often, you need to boldly challenge so many organized lies and long-standing assumptions that the world has given you as your definition or that you have also been forced to agree with, maybe because of your family background, poor educational background or your parents’ religious beliefs.

Everyone who rose to abundance in the scripture had to at one point in time or the other,  force out an escape for themselves from some organized falsehood that had existed for so long in their past. Joseph had to leave his father at home and he even had to get out of his brothers’ reach for him to stand a chance to be prepared for his gush of abundance.

In I Kings, chapter 18 verse 1, God had told Elijah that he was sending rain onto the land after three and a half years of famine, prophesied by Elijah himself. God told him to show himself to Ahab, the king and to prepare for that rain but Elijah first had to challenge the idolatry and the idolaters (idol worshipers) in the land to a contest, as he knew they were an obstacle and should to be disgraced. Remember that the reason for the drought in the first place, in I Kings 17:1 was because Elijah got provoked with the prevalent idolatry in the land, brought about by King Ahab’s treacherous rule at the end of the previous chapter – chapter 16

In 1 Kings, chapter 18 verses 19 and 20, Elijah challenged the organized idolatry in the land to a contest to change the people’s thinking and divert their attention to the one who alone is able to substitute their drought for abundant rain.  In verse 21, he told them expressly, exactly what I’m about to tell you in today’s episode of LIFECLASS:

He told them: “How long are you going to waver between two opinions?” he asked the people. “If the Lord is God, follow him! But if Baal is God, then follow him”.

How will there be a rain of abundance on the land when the people do not really know where they stand with God? They’re neither here nor there. They had bowed to the organized standard of idolatry in the land. And even though God had chosen to send abundance now, their hearts needed to be set right.

Let me ask you what Elijah asked the people. How long are you also going to waver between two opinions? If you want abundance, then you need to follow Jesus and follow him wholeheartedly. You need to be in and inside completely. You cannot be switching off and switching on your Christian life, I mean your spiritual life intermittently and expect Jesus’ given gush of abundance. You cannot claim to be in Christ and yet interact with the world around you in no distinct manner from what unbelievers will do, act, or say. No! You cannot serve two masters at once. You can’t serve God and the devil at the same time.

You need to choose who you really want to follow. And let me tell you something if your issue is more spiritual than it is physical, it doesn’t matter how large the organized standard standing on your way to abundance, you can challenge them, just like Elijah challenged the eight hundred and fifty (850) evil prophets (idolaters) in the land. Yours may be a religious standard that does not conform to the Word of God. Now get this clear. Many people’s problem is the fact that they’re attending a church that only believes some part of God’s Word and not all. I don’t know how many sermons that have forced you to believe that poverty is God’s will for you or that the sickness in your body is understandable for your present age range or that God’s will for your is anything short of good. All can be challenged today, with God’s Word and the Name of Jesus!

The standard you need to challenge may be a labour market standard that says people of your degree class cannot make it in life beyond certain stages. If someone says you’re too old for any employer to employ, tell them they’re right, you won’t need to look for jobs hopelessly when your father, the wise creator has made you a creator of things, including jobs. Just Challenge those standards no matter how real or organized they look.

One man, Elijah challenged eight hundred and fifty (850) evil prophets (idolaters) to a contest, because idolatry had to be cleared off from the land so that people’s faith can be restored to their God in preparation for the abundance that God had promised in verse 1 of I Kings chapter 18.

The Bible says in Zechariah 4:7 – Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: and he shall bring forth the headstone thereof with shoutings, crying, Grace, grace unto it.

Trust me, you need to challenge that organized spiritual wickedness that is blocking your abundance. And you need to do it now, not tomorrow. I mean right now. Say, Lord Jesus, I scatter every organized spiritual or human standard blocking my gush of abundance in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

It doesn’t matter how large the organized standard that stands against your gush of abundance, all you must do today is to challenge them to a halt in Jesus’ Name.

Again Bible says, I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people that have set themselves against me round about.

For Elijah, he needed God to disgrace those eight hundred and fifty (850) evil prophets of idolatry that have kept the people hovering between serving God and serving the devil; and as long as they remained in between, the drought remained in the land.

Well, I don’t know how many people need to be disgraced in order for your abundance to gush. All you need do is stand up and face your fears today. You may need to start facing those organized standards of fear and start telling yourself and everyone the truth of what God says you are. He says silver and gold are his, so let no one or circumstance tell you that you should be poor.

Abundance comes suddenly, but many times, it could be delayed if you allow any organized demonic standard to stand your way. So, stop keeping quiet! Start talking, start decreeing, start proclaiming, start calling those negative organized standards by whatever names they bear – be it – in your family, business, body, in your church, or in your marriage, or maybe in your finances. Start pulling them down in Jesus’ Name.

Today, I’d like you to make noise where you are. I need you to shout and say, I scatter every organized standard blocking my gush of abundance in Jesus’ Name.’ Amen.

But remember that the Bible says ‘at the mention of the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow’. Those organized demonic standards answer only to the name of Jesus and no other name. If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, it’s your day! Say, Lord Jesus, I receive you today, into my heart. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive your forgiveness. Thank you for writing my name in your book of life in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Thanks, everyone for attending today’s LIFECLASS. Join me again next time. Remain blessed till then, in Jesus’ Name.