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A big welcome once again to LIFECLASS. I’m always grateful to God for the opportunity to keep doing this everyday.

It is true that you certainly need people to succeed. But it isn’t true that you have to be obsessed with looking for people who will help you. If you engage in that search without the holy spirit, often times toy get into the wrong hands. I like staying away very far from situations that put my fate in the hands of man completely. Please don’t be lazy at birthing revelations in God’s presence that will settle you for a lifetime. I think the problem with most of us is that we are lazy. Don’t get me wrong. You’re hardworking physically, but lazy spiritually. We permit the devil to take over territories of our lives and we then blame our conditions on bad government and bad economy.  The discussion neither about whether a government is good or bad or whether inflation is high or low is nor for us as believers to get engrossed with. I told you yesterday that you have been helped.

I’m still staging closely with David’s ordeal with Saul when he needed approval to go fight Saul – to get shot into stardom. And that is in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 39

Just when one would think that the young man is lucky to have met with the king who should be glad that someone has finally volunteered to commit his life to rescuing the nation; Just when one would think David’s endorsement will come too cheap, he got an offer that will suppress his potentials and make the enemy destroy him too easily. Or what do you think? Goliath would have sliced him like a piece of cake, had he gone with those heavy-duty weapons. That’s what you get when you go about desperately  looking for endorcements and recommendation of men. Someone must endorse or recommend you if you must get to the top, but let God connect you with that someone. Joseph did not look for the butler who later introduced him to pharaoh, neither did he beg for that endorsement, the butler got thrown into jail, so he met him effortlessly

This morning, let me please quickly talk to those who go about looking for one celebrity to endorse them or some big shot to recommend them. Believe me, you’re spending that precious time unwisely and chances are, you will fall into the wrong hands. The easiest way to be recognized is to do one thing and do it consistently. Very soon, you’d be recognized. The barrier to this however is if that maybe it’s not paying your bills. So you may be forced to quit that thing which you find pleasure doing. The solution to that of course is to understand that no one becomes great by pushing to make ends meet. Real success does not visit people who are out for the money. Money needs you more than you need it. Without you, money will have no expression. Bible says the blessings of the lord makes rich and adds no sorrow  – Prov 10:22

Let me show you how to get endorsement quickly. Think about solving a global problem or a national issue.   When David chose to go head to head with Goliath, he knew that killing a Goliath would mean killing a national enemy. When Joseph interpreted the king’s dream. He saved the Nation from a major national crisis.  Build products that will not just touch few people. Stop thinking about yourself and how to pay your children school fees or how to send them abroad. It’s still about you. You want to be endorsed? Then stop being selfish.

Have you checked the Bible closely to see that everyone who did exploits there solved a global problem or a national issue? Moses took the Israelites nation out of captivity. God used him to solve a 430 year old national issue that had plunged the whole nation into servitude.

From today, begin to Channel your prayers correctly. Say Lord, open my eyes to a global or national problem I can solve. You have what the world does not have. You have the spirit of Christ.

Just because someone else is making it through forex does not make it the next big thing for you. I’m not saying forex is bad, but Just because your friend has started a church and is now living fine is not enough reason to switch career. That Mr or Mrs XYZ recently quit his job, for one business or the other does not mean the time is now for you to do so. Everyone has their time.  If you’re going to make things turn around or you want to spring out of the corner the devil has put you, you must not be busy looking for the next big event, or the next big business idea or the next big flourishing company who wants to recruit you. You should rather be looking for the hidden talents, equipment, gifts, people that you have hitherto not been paying attention to. In essence, you should be looking for the next big problem to solve with the abilities inherent in you but you that you haven’t been paying attention to because you think it’s not in vogue


David didn’t let the euphoria of standing before the king or the honour of having his weapon on, get into his head. Yes it was a honour having the offer of using a veteran’s weapons at war, but hey, it was not more important than honouring his God given tools, however primitive they look.


David chose not to be intimidated by the fake potentials in King Saul’s weapons. He must have thought in himself, if this King’s weapons are as lethal as he wants me to believe, why didn’t he face the giant with it. Instead, David decided to use his own primitive weapons – the stones, his sling, his Shepherd’s pouch, and his hands because he knew that the giant is already a dead man by defying the army of the Lord Of Hosts and cursing God. So he knew it’s not the spear and the sword that will kill this man, he already a dead man even before the battle. The reason you’re going to be great is because God says so, whether anyone likes it or not. All you need to do is cooperate with him.

The people you admire also have challenges. Its not all rosy with people out there as it seem. Sometimes I laugh when everybody suddenly wants to become the next TV model, or the next big comedian or the next big musician or the next big politician making the rounds, winning elections. As good as it sounds; TV is not as real as you see it. So much make up, so many exaggerated stories and so much of promoting what is not. If you watch too much of TV, you will think the only definition of success is being on TV. What I want to tell you is to focus on building value into yourself just like David had practiced slinging stones repeatedly until he was confident enough its the only skill he needed to kill Goliath.

Then I advice you that irrespective of where you find yourself or who you stand before, make sure you write your own story the way you want people to recite it. Talk about yourself exactly how you want people to address you, again just as David forced saul to respect his primitive tools as sufficient weaponry for the battle against the strongest enemy of the nation. You’re a bigger brand than most of the hypes you see on air..I’ll certainly see you at the top.

Say Lord Jesus, Thank you for showing me what I just saw in your word. I will not struggle to get things done. I will labour in the word, and in your presence. Lord, when you endorse me, people will look for me. When you annoint me, people will listen to me. Help me to solve a global problem. Open eyes and give me solutions to national issues. In Jesus Name.

But you need to come to Jesus to today, that prayer will work for you if you have received him into your life. Say Lord Jesus, I come to you today. Oh I now see what I stand to gain if I have you in my life. I accept you today as my Lord and saviour. I’m free indeed. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thanks you for joining the class today. Let’s meet tomorrow again on lifeclass

I thank God for this gift of life He has given us to do this everyday. Many thanks once again and welcome to LIFECLASS. Today’s lifeclass is a brand new chapter in our current series titled – Focus On What IS Working

Just while I thought we were going to end this series after 10 episodes, the holy spirit busted something new in me, believe me this could take us another week or two. I title today’s LIFECLASS – You have The Tools. Now, do remember to drop your feedback after this class

Over here in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 39, David refused to go to battle with the instruments that King Saul had given him, instead he dropped them and went with the primitive items he was already used to. I’m sure king Saul would have thought:

Are you kidding me, you’re going to fight a giant with apparently bare hands? Or of what relevance could your sling and shepherd staff be before a ferocious giant. You know at that time, David had not even picked any stones. So to Saul, he was going with bare hands.

David may had been a shepherd all his life. But he was smart enough to know that taking up a challenge to fight a giant does not cancel his personality as a shepherd. Choosing to fight a man for God’s sake, I mean defending the name of the Lord whom this gentile had blasphemed, does not remove from him his already known endeavour as a shepherd boy, rather, it should help. See my friends, where you’re going is not actually far from where you are right now. The very route to take next is already designed by God on a certain map you’re holding right now.

This morning, I want to advise you to stop discarding all that had been going on well for you just because you want to step up and play on a bigger field. Permit me to nudge you not to despise your little beginnings and those little, little happy moments that meant something to you. The holy spirit is designing a pattern with the trends of your life, please take a break and study that pattern. Therein lies the answer to many your questions.

You need the existing frame of mind to thrive in that new field you’re venturing into. For instance, it’s not an accident that you’ve been doing one particular thing all along even though you wanted something else. If you had been a teacher all along for instance and you suddenly got a big job in a bank or oil company, it would be a huge loss for you if you carry nothing valuable from your years of experience as a teacher, into the new job. Honestly, you would have lost a huge part of you. But if you carry your teaching ethics along, you will be defining a new role for yourself in the new place.

Believe me, that was only putting it mildly. You may never actually do well in any new endeavour if you swiftly discard the lessons learnt from a previous one. Everything you need for the next level is embedded in this level. Even if you’re planning to flee your state or country in search of a greener pasture elsewhere, please remember the son of whom you are. Never forget those virtues that brought you here. And in case you’re so engrossed with switching your career to another one you think is more lucrative, again i tell you, remember that it is the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow (Prov 10:22).

As a matter of fact, hear what the Bible says in 1 Sam 2:7-9

The LORD maketh poor, and maketh rich, He bringeth low, and lifteth up. He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, And lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, To set them among princes, And to make them inherit the throne of glory: For the pillars of the earth are the LORD’s, And he hath set the world upon them. He will keep the feet of his saints, And the wicked shall be silent in darkness; For by strength shall no man prevail.

Never lose your integrity for anything material. Avoid taking loans that will make you lose your peace, or accepting positions that will make you compromise your spiritual life.

In Daniel chapter 1 vs 8,  Daniel found himself in the palace, dining with the king, yet he determined not to defile himself with the king’s delicacies

Long ago, I quit thinking that any portion of my past was a mistake. Yes, there may have been areas where I got less than Gods will for me and there certainly are situations that the devil cheated me in the past due to my ignorance, but you see, no portion of your past was a mistake. If you get this point. Then you will see the present as an equipment for the future, so when the future arrives, no one will be able to pressure you into thinking, you’re not already equipped for it.

That was exactly David’s Case when he turned down Saul’s sophisticates weapons and opted for his own primitive, but rather familiar tools for killing the giant. David refused to allow Saul force him into thinking he stood no chance against Goliath the giant, simply because he David, had been a shepherd all his life while Goliath had been a soldier all his life. David appreciated Saul’s concern and help, but refused to accept help that will slow him down. Please don’t, and I repeat, don’t accept any help that will slow you down or recoil the confidence you have in your calling.

Not every help is necessary for you. People try to tie you to their own experiences and failures and fail to give room for your own revelations and discoveries and ingenuity. Sometimes, their help is genuine, but you don’t need people’s help more than you need God’s help. In such cases you’re not going to be rude, arrogant or ungrateful for their offer, but you’re going to be bold enough to look inside you, I mean into your spirit and see for yourself that, you have been helped, and you have been equipped with what you need for the next level. And if you think oh David, I still need to equipped myself with one skill or tool or degree, or facility, or endorsement, or whatever, just know that: God has equipped you with whatever it is you need to equip yourself. Close eyes and meditate on that. You have been helped!

David refused to take Saul’s armour and sword while preparing to confront Goliath. He tried to move with these weapons, but he could hardly move. So instead, he stuck with what he already had. Stones, sling and shepherds pouch.

Ok, let’s analyse this. We all know that swords and armour and helmet and shields are more lethal weapons of war than stones and slings. But what does it matter, he won’t be the one to fight anyway. The Philistine Goliath had defied the lord of hosts and he must pay with his life. So why put on a weaponry heavier than you that will slow down your movement just to please someone. Please LIFECLASS, you’re not living to please anyone more than you please God.

Bible says: let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us, Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. So you don’t need all of that weight. You have the tools with you

Now, here’s the point I’m making in today’s LIFECLASS. You have the tools with you and you have been helped. God is designing a pattern from the trends of your life. All you need to do is settle down, take a break and study that pattern. Therein lies the answer to many of your questions. Say Lord Jesus, open my eyes to see what you’re showing me, open my ears to hear what you are telling me, to know where you’re taking me, to see the pattern you’re designing from the trends of my life, to discern the next route you want me to go. Help me not to entangle myself with unnecessary that will weigh me down or slow me down on my journey to destiny, in Jesus name Name. Thank you Lord Jesus.

If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, this is the best time to do so. Say, Lord Jesus, I come to you today and I’m ready to receive you and accept you as my Lord and saviour. I’m ready to forsake my sins and take up the grace that you have made available for me.

So join me again tomorrow, by the grace of God on LIFECLASS. Thanks

Hello my honourable LIFECLASS Students. I’m always glad to know you’re waiting for the class. It’s an honour to do this every day. Remember to visit our website to drop your comments, ask your questions or share your views or testimonies

Yesterday, I told you to lavish the little you have to get the much you don’t deserve. We also mentioned specifically by that you should focus on lavishing yourself into worship,  kingdom giving, and service. We also learnt that when you give to people, give them what will solve their problems to a large extent and not peanuts that will keep them tied to your sleeves. Look for yesterday’s LIFECLASS and listen to it, if you missed it.

Today, it’s more interesting. As I picked the story is Zacchaeus again in Luke 19:1-10. As I’ll always do, I tried to study it over and over again and apply for myself, the points I’ve been dealing on for 2 weeks my, the Lord open my eyes to the parable Jesus gave just after the Zacchaeus.

Yesterday, we learnt that it is dangerous to hold back the little you have just because you think it’s not enough and want to focus on growing it. When we said that yesterday, little did I realize that our Lord Jesus gave the next parable to authenticate Zacchaeus’ action. Remember that Zaccheaus had summarily given 50% of his worth to the poor and 400% of whatever he obtained falsely to any one he had wronged

Let’s title today’s LIFECLASS – The Danger Of Not Having

Just 3 verses after Zacchaeus was rewarded with salvation for himself and his household, the Lord Jesus shows us the real danger of holding back. ‘The disadvantage of not having’. He told the story is a noble man who gave talents to his servants and told them to occupy till he comes. In other words, he told them to do business and trade with those talents till he comes back..

When he came back, most of his other servants submitted their reports of how they had traded with the money given to them and made encouraging profits and their master rewarded them with authority, commensurate with the amount of profits they’ve made by investing the little they were given

But there was this particular guy among them who came to the master with exactly the same amount he was given. He didn’t invest it at all, he held back. As a matter of fact, he hid the money in a handkerchief and did nothing with it, for fear of losing it. He held it back. Listen to his lame excuse in Luke 19:20-21:

Master, Here is your money, I kept it safe for you in a handkerchief. I was afraid because you’re a hard man to deal with. You collect what you did not deposit and reap what you did not sow.

The master was very swift at discarding his lame excuse as sheer laziness and fear. I’m afraid many of us have this same excuse, we focus too much on the negative probabilities and economic forecasts that we forget the supernatural nature of He who owns us. We’re good at designing excuses for not investing the little God has given to us to possess.

Let me take time for instance. Many  have been enslaved with the slogan ‘I don’t have time’. Before you say a word or two, they say, I don’t have time. They don’t have time for friends, they don’t have time for colleagues, they don’t have time for their wives and husband’s, neither do they have time for their children and certainly they have no time for God’s work. They have no time to pray, no time to meditate on Gods work. The only things they have time for, is their own business and their phones. They certainly have time to analyze every every political event or every football game. And just like that lazy servant, they have hidden their time in a handkerchief. They have chosen to focus on the negative forecasts of men.

When God taught me these lessons, I decided to always have time for my wife and children. If my children call me in the night, I will answer. However deeply buried I am into my coding scripts, I still say yes my people. I’ve done this for years and now, they have this strong confidence that anytime they call Daddy, he’s always there. I have chosen not to hold back my time from them

We’re not saying you can be available for everyone, but please don’t hold back yourself unnecessarily. Don’t hide yourself in a handkerchief like that servant for fear of losing anything.

Now, here’s the real danger of holding back. In verse 24 of that Luke 19, we see the real danger of holding back. That guy who made nothing from the money given to him had to lose that little to the one who made profit. The little he had was collected from him and given to the man that had made encouraging profits with his. People who hold back, eventually lose what they have to those who take the risks and let go. People who always claim they don’t have to do anytjing noble, will soon be humbled and have their time converted to serving those who invested theirs.

Here our Lord Jesus is teaching a powerful lesson, that those who have will get more and those who claim they don’t have will lose the little they have to those who have.

The reason many have suddenly become lonely as they grew older is that they didn’t have time for people when they were younger. They were too busy with their 8 – 5 employment and all their friends have built relationship circles without them. Now, alas, they’re about to retire and everyone who hangs around them are people who want to suck from them. The had held back their Lives from the people that mattered most

So let me ask you once again. Do you have time? Say yes, I have time. Only dead people don’t have time. Use your time in the most precious way. If you’re this talented and everyone wants to have a feel of you, then create channels through which you can engage them. Don’t enclose yourself in an unapproachable capsule and see people only from afar

Let me ask you, is there any gift in you that is lying dormant? Or you’re still waiting until you finish one school or until you can attend or graduate from one college before you start showcasing it, believe me, that’s the definition of holding back. Refusing to use what God has given you and having a beautiful excuse for that.

I encourage you to change this ‘I don’t have’ mentality. Think big and see far, don’t act like this servant who chose to focus on the negative possibilities of investing the money he was given for fear of not profiting. He ended up losing that little to the man who invested his. Invest your money wisely.

According to Jesus here, the condition for having more is to have some and use it wisely. Nothing more will be given to anyone who claims he has nothing and gives nothing.

Let me tell you a story. When I was an undergraduate, I found myself spending almost a third of my day, helping younger students pass tough mathematics courses for free. Even though I wasn’t studying mathematics, I had trained myself to become a specialist in theses difficult mathematics courses that made students fail. In a short time, I became a reference point on campus for mathematics. Even lecturers knew about my activities. It was herculean, but I had caught this principle of never hold back. Most of the students had nothing to give me and I had to be careful also not to let it affect my academics, but I couldn’t hold back because I just felt I was called for that.

Fast forward, more than a decade after that first degree, I found myself solving, not mathematics now, but real life problems in people’s businesses, teaching them principles that will multiply their sales in a very short time. Teaching them strategies to transform their businesses and all that. We even have testimony sessions in our business trainings and that gladdens my heart. It amazed me how a computer progtammer had become a business strategist with a business network of hundreds of business owners.

God told me I’m still doing the same thing. Whether it was mathematics in school, or programming on my laptop or transforming real businesses now in the marketplace, I was raised to solve problems, and that became possible because I didn’t hold back the little I had then

Decide today to stop hoarding yourself and your skills. Let everyone know you for something at least. God has given you everything you need to become what he has planned for you. But it’s a pity you’re holding back. You’re hiding his talents in a handkerchief. You’re not seeing far. You’re caught with the now, always trying to make ends meet. Forgetting that the earnest expectation of the creature awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. Your time is now to manifest, if only you will stop holding back yourself and the little he has blessed you with from. If only you’d give your all to him, and to his service.

Say Lord Jesus, I refuse to hoard the talent you have given me. I refuse to give excises. I release the little I have . my time, my intellect, my money. I manifest from today. I know you’re counting on me. I will not fail you.

I’m not saying you can have time for everyone, but hey pause, be careful to be available to the right sets of people, else

I welcome you once again into lifeclass. This is Episode 9 of our on-going series – Focus On What is Working. Please visit to catch all episodes.

I move very quickly into today’s topic – Lavish, Don’t Hold Back. And what I’m simply asking you is to Lavish the little you have. Don’t hold back. Please move on with me. I’m yet to recover from yesterday’s lesson – Friendship is powerful. Lifeclass has been a blessing to me since it started, I’m sure you’re saying the same.

So today, there’s an instruction. That instruction is for you to lavish the little you have instead of holding back. Now, please don’t argue with me yet. Here’s the reason why I used the word lavish. I needed something stronger than give. To lavish is to give something expensive, elaborately and not grudgingly. That’s the sort of giving God did when He gave Jesus.

You know, when you’re trying to fix some things not working in your life, there’s this temptation to hold on dearly and tight to what you have – the ones that are working. One who is always broke will naturally want to be so prudent that people hardly get anything from him. Blind Bartimeaus for instance would have been justified if he chose not to move an inch away from where he was even when Jesus called for him. He could just simply maintain his usual space and remain in his known zone.

One who has only few friends will naturally tend to cling on to the ones he has for fear or losing them and have none. Tithe is a big deal for instance, to many because they’re not sure of where the next money will come from. But it’s an error. What is not enough will still not be enough, no matter how much you manage it. Stop managing, start living.


Today, I want to tell you something rather ironic. It’s dangerous to hold back the little you have in times of lack, this could make you lose that little. It’s dangerous to avoid loving again just because your heart has been broken severally. It’s dangerous to stop marketing because you haven’t been selling. It’s dangerous to stop voting for instance simply because you haven’t seen the dividends of democracy. It’s dangerous to stop praying just because you haven’t received.

Avoid holding back because you are left with few. Lavish the little you have left instead. It’s hard to digest, but it’s a kingdom principle. That is the only guarantee for abundance afterwards. So when I tell you to focus on what is working, I’m not saying you should stay on one spot and refuse you spread out your wings and fly, even if you fear falling. I’m not saying you should stop dreaming or stop daring to venture into bigger territories in your business, relationships, career or ministry. Instead, I’m saying the opposite, I’m saying give more of what remains of that which is working, I’m saying lavish the known to get the unknown. When you simply give, you get back, but when you lavishly give, you get what you don’t deserve.


We know that savings is a sound practice for intellectuals, to everyone actually. But in God’s kingdom, that savings is not bank savings. When you save, you withdraw pretty much exactly what you have saved. When you invest, you get multiples of what you have invested. The wisest form of investment is that which you lavish into God’s kingdom. I’m not saying give. I’m saying give lavishly.

I will still take you back into the story of Zacchaeus in Luke chapter 19 verse 8. The moment Jesus declared He’s visiting his house, one would have thought the story has ended. People murmured about why the holy saviour would visit a sinner, by their standard.

Zaccheaus understood the principle of lavishing what you have to get what you don’t deserve. Or let’s just say his encounter with Jesus has imparted the Holy Spirit on him. Because it appears flesh and blood couldn’t have given him these wisdom.

And Zaccheaus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken any thing from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold

Zacchaeus offered to give 50% of his worth to the poor, in his lifetime, not after he’s dead. And that wasn’t ok for him. He’s also giving 400% to anyone whom he has falsely obtained from. Now, that is not just giving. That is Lavishing, coming from someone who is at the lowest point of his life, who few moments ago, had to climb a tree like a monkey to see the passing saviour, honestly, that blows my mind. One would have thought, what else, he has seen Jesus, he’s fulfilled now, what else, but No! Zacchaeus understood that to enter to another realm of genuine abundance, he only had to do one thing – Lavish the little he has.

To give is good, but you may need to do more than these ordinary giving, start lavishing. Lavish your love on your employees. Let them feel the favour of working with a boss richer than them. Stop managing, start disbursing. Stop giving to people as if they won’t survive if you don’t give them. Step out of the comfort zone give and let your river of gifts overflow its bank.

If you want to give people money, give them money that will solve their problems and not one that will keep them tied to your sleeves. If you want to help someone get a job, help them all the way; don’t send them to your employer friends with incomplete CVs. Tidy up their CVS before they go. Lavish your help. Don’t drop seeds on the floor for people to pick up like chicken. If you want to carry people, carry them like those four men carried their friends to the foot of Jesus and refused to drop him half way.

Many people claim to do you a favour, but incomplete favour; one for which you can neither say thank you, nor, no thanks.

Let me show you something very quickly in Mark chapter 14 verses 3 – 9. There’s this woman who lavished an alabaster box of precious ointment on Jesus head and feet. The people around there complained about the woman, wasting the oil, saying why not sell this expensive commodity  for some huge amount and give to the poor instead of wasting it. This woman was in deer need of salvation and apparently the most previous thing she had was the oil in the alabster box. She lavished it on Jesus in exchange for something she obviously didn’t deserve. People called her a sinner, but Jesus says she had earned herself a permanent place in history, everywhere the gospel is preached, she will be mentioned.

So here’s your action point today, lavish your love on someone. Buy them a surprise they don’t expect. It’s so you can get something you don’t deserve. Identify a need in someone’s life and figure out how you can be a complete answer to their prayer. Remember I’m not telling you to give, I’m telling you to give lavishly.

But the best way to practise this principle is to lavish your love on Jesus. Lavish yourself on him. Give to the course of God’s kingdom. Decide to stop giving to God’s work, but rather start giving lavishly. God’s kingdom is not poor, so atop giving as of you’re forced to. When you package offerings, package amounts you’d be glad receiving yourself. See, it won’t finish. Stop all this statistical analytic calculations when it’s time to pay tithes. It won’t pay you. Be comfortable giving way more than 10% than giving exact.

Say Lord Jesus, I Lavish heart for you In Worship

I’m ready to Lavish my Substance to you  In giving,  I Lavish my Labour for you in Service

If you do these, things will not only work, they will work efforlessly

Have you received Jesus at all, say Lord Jesus, I want to lavish myself in your worship, I want you to accept me as I am. I’m ready to become who you want me to be. I receive your love in salvation. Thank you for dying foe me. Thank you for saving me.

I’m glad you came to Lifeclass today. Visit our website to share your testimonies and ask you questions.

friendship is powerful

I’m glad you’re attending LIFECLASS once again today. A big welcome to you. Good day. Gradually we’re moving on, on this journey and sooner than I expected, we’re having testimonies already. Please visit our website to share us your feedbacks, testimonies or questions.

Yesterday, we made a strong statement that you cannot climb alone. And that you need to harness the opportunities that God has given to you in people, to get things work faster in your life.

Now, When God gave me the wisdom of having friends that help you climb came, I said to myself, do we really still have the kind of friends this paralytic man had. The paralytic man in Mark chapter 2. Seriously, are there still these kinds of friends

Focus on what is working could simply mean focus on investing in relationships that will in turn support you in future.


At a point where nothing appears working in this man’s life, the only thing that proved to work was his relationship with these four friends.

You could also be in a situation where nothing just seems to work. You get failure just at the edge of every success, you still cannot get a firm grip around your finances or you’ve listened to several sermons and motivational teachings, yet you’ve not discovered purpose. Or you’ve read hundreds of faith books or books generally and yet you cannot overcome that start-up inertia. I’ve been there severally.

What the Bible recorded here as the case of this paralytic man is absolutely true and thoughtful. Many of us are paralyticin a sense, we are helpless and the only thing that can suffice is for God to connect us to friends that will help us climb.


Now pause here and examine my last statement. Bible says a friend sticks closer than a brother.

Prov 18:24 – A man that has friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that stick closer than a brother.

I laugh when some people tell me they have friends. Of course, one has no enemies. But just because you’re reading my posts everyday on social media or you occasionally give thumbs up to my nuggets on WhatsApp or Facebook does not confer on you the kind of friendship status earned by that paralytic man from those his 4 friends. Please don’t be deceived, the friendship were talking about here is not social media friendship or Instagram followership. You can have one million followers, but have no friends. The scripture in Mark 2, gives us the real definition of friendship.

I’ve had a tough journey through life, God smiled on me, when he taught me these lessons. I hear many people call me son, they call you their protégé  and they boast about it. But when you have troubles, they turn away their eyes and try to show the way without leading the way. They pray for you and send you away hungry. It made me conclude that friends can carry you where fathers cannot. I’ll prefer to choose a father among my friends. Because then, I will have the double honour of calling them my friends and my father.


A friend is one who will lift you in times of trouble. One who will help you climb when you cannot help yourself.

A few years ago, I was in trouble, serious trouble. I had 2 businesses and none was moving fine. I was in serious debt as my clients had paid for some services, but my Landlords sent me packing. And yet again, I paid another agent for another office and then found out I’ve been swindled. The landlord told me to collect my money from him, as no agent paid him. He threw me out and locked in my equipment. Even when I raised money to pay him, he doubled the rent. Now, I was in serious trouble. My clients started by sympathizing with me, and gradually descended into arrest threats. I knew jail was looking me in the eye. In all of these, I kept calling on Jesus to save me. With my wife, I ran to everyone I believed were my friends. But just at the expiration of the period I had to sort this out, the lord told me to visit one of my friends. I knew he didn’t have the kind of money I needed to get out of that mess. But I must get the money that day (a Sunday) or risk going to jail the next day (Monday). All I needed was to reopen that business the next day and in a matter of days, I will make enough to pay off all my debts.


I got to his house crying, he didn’t have that money I needed, but he immediately carried the attitude that if he doesn’t help me, no one will. That day, I knew how to qualify as a friend. He secured a loan that Sunday through one of his contacts and transferred it to me that same day, so I don’t go to jail the next day. Guess what, the issue solved that same day, and I paid off all my debts that same week.


Such friends don’t drop from the sky, or happen through prayer and fasting alone. You have to create such friends. Yes, you heard me right. If you don’t purposefully create such friends, you remain where you are, or elongate your journey to the top. Before people get to the level of destroying someone’s roof just so you do not miss your only opportunity to be saved, just as my friend did to me, you must have also purposefully created that bonding, at least

The honest truth is, you may not have given as much to them as thy will now given you, but friendship is full-time exercise. Friendship is something you commit to and build actively. Many of us had bosom friends when we were in school, friends we couldn’t do without. Friends we slept in the same room for years, but then we leave school, and part ways for some years. When we then meet them again, say 5 years, we find it difficult to get close to them like we did before. That tells you that friendship is not a part time endeavour. You must build friends who will later in life, help you climb.


But I discovered that when you sacrifice and sow into people’s lives without the hope of getting anything in return from them, God raises you friends from some other quarters, whose spirit just knits with yours and now carries you and help you climb. I also discovered that one good way to build your friend base is to not just win souls for Jesus, but disciple them. Mentor them and guide them, when they climb, they will never forget you. If you don’t need their help, they will help your children someday.

That huge capital you’re looking for, to make your business boom, is somebody’s weekly fuel money. All that is needed is for a friend to mention you to them. When they see you they fall in love with you, just like the Butler mentioned Joseph before pharaoh in Genesis chapter 41. Remember that Joseph had sowed into his life and built that friendship when they were in prison. Also in 1st Samuel chapter 22 verse 2, when David gathered to himself 400 friends who are frustrated, distressed, who are in debt or in any kind of trouble at all, he was activating this principle of friendship. He was creating the future he wanted in those friends. Little wonder, in second Samuel chapter 23 verse 16, these friends of his have become so powerful and passionate about him that they could break through the ranks of death to get him a cup of water from a well in the camp of the enemy, just because he simply wished it. The same thing is what pushed the paralytic man’s 4 friends to force their way through another man’s roof, to get their friend healed!


So begin to ask yourself, who are your friends or what friendship are you creating. If you’re not consciously creating any, then you’re wasting time, you will not have people to carry you where you cannot go. Check your phonebook contacts, and count the number of people on it that can carry you without asking for anything in return. How many of them can sacrifice their comfort to make you comfortable. How many of your friends will remember you and call you by name in their prayers even when you aren’t there. If the number is few, then I’m sorry your chances are few. It means you’ve not been an active friend maker or you run away from people when they need you the most or you have not been winning souls or you haven’t been nurturing your souls into maturity. Determine today to invest in the people around you, to make friends. I’m talking about social media friendship here, or instagram and twitter followership. I’m saying real friendship, where you sacrifice into people’s lives even without expecting anything back, friendship where you become a stakeholder in other people’s lives and help them climb. If you do that, the Lord will reward you by either raising up those same people to climb with you or raising you other people who will help you climb


Friendship us powerful, please don’t underestimate today’s Lifeclass. Begin to act on it immediately. Reach out to people. Pick your phone, send them messages. Be actively involved in their lives. Do not just call people sons when you do not have a contribution to their lives

I introduced to you yesterday, that if you do not have friends that can help you climb, begin with one friend, begin with Jesus. Say Lord Jesus, I want to make you my friend and I want you to make me your friend. Come into my life, I open up to you. Introduce me to friends that will help me climb. Open my world to a brand new season. I give my life to you as my Lord and saviour, in Jesus name.

As you go about your activities today, remember that friendship is powerful. Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity you’ve given us. We’re glad for what we’ve just learnt, in Jesus Name, amen.

Thank You for being here, meet me again tomorrow for another episode of Lifeclass. Thanks