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Its another day on Lifeclass. Thank you once again for joining in. I’m David Adeniji, and I want to talk to you about something important this morning.

You can’t climb Alone

We’ve been talking about climbing higher than your limitations, drawing nearer to God, and also drawing nearer to your relationships. I want to tell you his morning that yes, it is good to climb higher, but we can’t climb alone. You can’t climb alone and that’s the topic for this morning, still under the big broad theme – Focus on What Is Working

To explain this point, we will look at another interesting and rather intriguing story in Mark chapter 2, from verse 1. There were 4 men, friends of a paralytic man. This man is paralyzed, not dead though, but couldn’t do anything for himself. Yet, he still climbed higher. So when we say climb higher, we really mean it, you have to climb higher, but sometimes, we need help, you need people to help you climb higher. In case you’re in a situation where you are so tied up, you don’t even know how to go about it.


This paralytic man in Mark chapter 2 still climbed higher even though he was paralyzed. However, he didn’t do it on his own, he climbed higher through friends. He climbed on people. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have encountered Jesus if they were to follow the protocols. The crowd was big, just like it was with Bartimeaus and Zacchaeus when they encountered the saviour

In this case the situation is even worse than that of Zacchaeus’ and Bartimeaus’ as this man is almost lifeless and cannot wield any effort, but his friends determined to get him to Jesus. Some things in life are not negotiable. Talking about focusing on what is working, it appears nothing is working in this man’s life, but something is – he had friends. The only thing working at this point in this man’s life was the group of friends he had. And the only thing they could do at this point was to climb with him, if he’s to see Jesus; if he’s to be healed

Bible says in verse 4 of that scripture that “When they could not come near to him due to the crowd, they uncovered the roof where Jesus was, and when they had broken it up, the let down the bed where the sick of the palsy lay. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to them, son, your sins are forgiven.


You may call it protocol breaking, and you’re not wrong. How about the roof they destroyed – a discussion for another day.


These 4 men were not the ones who needed to see Jesus, their friend was. But they had to climb with him if he’s to be healed. So hear it first-hand. If you’ve been trying to climb alone and it’s not working, maybe you need to re-strategize. You can’t climb higher and faster when you climb alone.

Now it’s good to climb alone, don’t get me wrong, but imagine of you also get a push from people, where people have to be the ones carrying you. Many of us have not reached that level, we’re still trying to run alone. We’re not making the best use of the opportunities God has brought our way – in people and institutions. You can’t climb higher and fast when you climb alone, because you rely on your strength alone.

Now again, please don’t get me wrong. If you don’t find people to climb with, please just climb on your own. But if you ride on people, you enjoy unusual lifting. Maybe I need to reprogram your thinking about who these kind of people can be. When we talk about climbing higher with people, I’m not saying it necessarily has to be people bigger than you. I’m not saying it has to be people bigger than you, or people connected high there, up there, in government. It can be those once too, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be your staff, people working under you, people whom you don’t esteem high. Your assistants, your office assistants, your support staffs. I’m just saying it could be anybody. Bottom line is, when you ride high on people, you enjoy unusual lifting.


These 4 friends also got to Jesus for helping their friend get to Jesus, and that’s another point. When you help people climb, you also climb high. When you push people up, you’re also going up. An easy way to get things done is to help other people get theirs done.


The question we should then ask ourselves is that who helps you climb? Who climbs with you? Who carries you high? For Zacchaeus, it wasn’t a person, it was a sycamore tree. One of the largest plants on earth, the sycamore represents an already built structure of help. To identify the right association, you only need to ask yourself one question – will I know God more through it? There are certain readymade structures we need to climb on, if we’re to climb higher. I’m going to be talking about those structures tomorrow. Those structures that will help you climb.

But today, I want to tell you also, that in climbing high, there are also challenges. There are challenges up there. Consider the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus had to climb on in Luke 19:1-10. Do you know that on that sycamore tree, there are other inhabitants? Remember that birds nest on that tree. There could be ants on that tree. As a matter of fact, there could even be snakes. So climbing high or going high also has its own challenges. So do not think because I said you need to climb higher or go faster, it will be all roses. The point is you’ll definitely move faster, but be ready also to face some challenges.


To stay on top, you must be determined. Of all the trees around, Zacchaeus chose the best. He could have chosen several other trees, but he chose the sycamore, the best, which of course comes with its own challenges. And on that tree, there are issues, risks, pains, inconveniences, leaves, sharp spines, tight branches, fruits, animals, snakes. All these are challenges he had to contend with on the tree. So in climbing higher, be ready, because even though there will be speed, and you’d be moving faster than your colleagues, yet there will be several others challenges you need to contend with. Because there are few people up there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be taking about who and what structures helps you climb. This is still Lifeclass with me David Adeniji

If you love this and you need someone who’d help you climb, let me introduce you to someone very sure, who’d help you climb. His name is Jesus Christ. He helped many of us climb, he helped me climb, and he will help you too. Just say Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I know you’re the one who helps people climb. As a matter of fact, you’re the healer. I want you to heal me of whatever it is that’s holding me down. I want you to save me today. I will forsake my sins. Please write my name in the book of life. From today, I want to be free, please be with me. Thank you Jesus.

Many thanks for being here, join me tomorrow on another episode of Lifeclass. Tomorrow, I’m talking about who helps you climb. What structures do you need to climb. Thank you.  Let’s meet tomorrow, by God’s grace.

What a wonderful brand new week it is, thank you for following Lifeclass. Good day. I’m David Adeniji, and I’m continuing the big series we started last week – Focus On What is Working. In the last class, I was talking about climbing higher. I title today’s class, slow down, come down. And here’s what I mean. Many times, we need to call ourselves to order. We need to tell ourselves that hey, it’s not as hard as it seems. We need to show ourselves that God is not interested in making things hard. If you check our website, I wrote there, thrive, don’t struggle. A lot of people think growing up and challenges mean you have to struggle, but no. God did not call us to struggle, He called us to thrive by grace. Now, there may be challenges, hurdles you need to pass and scale over, but that doesn’t mean you’re struggling. So slow down, you need to tell yourself to slow down.


In all of this, you need to understand that your climbing higher and running faster are not with the intention of running faster than God. Zaccheaus did not actually run ahead of the crowd so he can prove to Jesus that he’s a fast runner, neither did he climb the sycamore tree so he can prove to Jesus or the people following Jesus, that he’s skilled in climbing trees. Check his motives clearly, he did it purely to get the saviour’s attention.


So in focusing on what is working, we’re not saying you should focus on yourself as if you’re the one who’d make things work. If you could make everything work, everything should be working by now. If you could make your dreams work, you should be swimming in wealth by now, if you could perfect your healing, you should be perfectly healed by now. if you could find yourself a spouse, you should be married by now. Whatever you want working in your life should have been working by now, if you could do it yourself. Bible says in Ephesians 3:20

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Bible says according to the power (His power) that worketh in us and not according to our own power or our wish alone


Now, here’s how you will know that what I’m saying about Zaccheaus is true. The moment Jesus got to him, and looked unto him, the first thing he said was, Zaccheaus, come down quickly. He’s not only telling Zaccheaus to come down from the tree, he’s saying come down from your high estate. Deflate your pride, the reason things aren’t working is partly due to your pride and arrogance. You’re a tax collector and you have more money than almost everybody, yet there’s a vacuum money cannot fill. You need to come down from that level Zaccheaus, i may have looked up to you and put the spotlight on you, but that’s because love is my own nature and recipe for every situation., the only way I can save you is to love you first and besides, I saw your heart, its genuine, you want me.”

It is good for Zaccheaus to have climbed the tree, as a vantage position to see Jesus, but hey, relax, Jesus is here now, the next thing is to come down from your yourself, because God will not climb up to your level. You need to come down from your estate. Nothing will work if you remain at your level. Come down may mean come down from the tree, but it certainly means more. You also may need to come down from certain positions you have exalted yourself , even as you sought the saviour. For instance, you shouldn’t be too spiritual to hear God speak, you shouldn’t be more interested in talking to him and pouring out your heart than hearing him tell you what to do. You should not be carried away with activities you do for him that you forget he has more for him. To man, it’s better to give than to receive. That’s what the Bible says. But believe me, to God, it’s better to receive than to Give, because there’s nothing you actually have that he didn’t give you. There’s nothing you give him that will make him a bigger God. He’s already the biggest God he can be. So, dear, please come, slow down, and listen carefully, the saviour’s here. Wipe your tears and present your case


Zaccheaus did not wait to hear this instruction twice, he did not say “excuse me sir, I have an idea, what if we apply the Pythagoras theorem of success.?* No, he came down straight away. Zaccheaus had climbed a tree, as vantage position to see Jesus and already has become the star of the moment since Jesus looked up to him. “Can you imagine, the saviour looked up to me. Now, the saviour is here and the first thing he’s saying to him is to come down. Zaccheaus didn’t say , “Ah, come down? Do you know what I went through to get here and climb this tree, do you know I’m rich, why not let’s talk this way”


Let me tell you something. The way to get things working in your life is not to start talking too much or telling everyone who cares to listen about the reasons they must help you. Please stop begging everyone here and there as if it’s a mandate for them to bless you or buy your product. If you trying selling to a prospect and he’s not hearing you, look for another, don’t wait until people start avoiding your calls or barring your phone number. Don’t become a pest on other people’s lives.. That you’re somebody’s employee does not make him your ATM machine, does not make your an unrepentant beggar before him, as if it’s a crime to have staff. Stop begging for contracts. Many people have even taken ministry as a camouflage for begging for alms. That God used you for a fellow and they got a miracle does not make them owe you eternally. So stop disturbing them. God did it, not you. They may or may not even appreciate it, it matters less. What the Bible says is that we will reap what we sow, he didn’t say we must reap where we sow! The kingdom laws of sowing and reaping differ from the laws of agriculture at least in this regard  Our God is more than enough. So cut off every desperation, and get desperate with being all He has destined you to be.


Greatness, dignity and honour are your father’s names. Don’t behave short of it. If your Landlord harasses you, instead of replying his words, turn to Jesus and give him (the Landlord) a quit notice, tell Jesus you’re leaving his house before that rent is due. When sickness harassed Hezekiah and Isaiah even pronounced his death sentence, Hezekiah respected the prophet as one sent from God, but gave that sickness a quit notice. He in turn got himself a life extension instead of death. Stop cramming 101 rules for success of 96.5 secrets of sudden breakthrough, except they’re all pointing you to Jesus as the one who blesses without adding any sorrow. Talk less, think more. Think Jesus more.


The biggest reasons things don’t work in our lives is that we know too much, sometimes, we talk too much. If you’re dealing with men, you may try to outwit them. See, with God, formulas of men will fail, Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:27 that God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. Where he’s leading you may look funny, what he’s telling you will sound strange, but if you’d obey without delay, you’d hasten your miracle and shorten your misery. Remember that delayed obedience is still disobedience.


Whether with men, or with God, arguments are useless. They waste 2 precious things that you cannot get back. Arguments waste your time and squander your anointing. Rather than argue with men, keep quiet. Instead of arguing with God, just obey. Remember the Lame man in John chapter 5 verses 1 to 8. It is already evident that the reason he stayed there that long was because he talks too much and argues away his opportunities. Even when Jesus the great healer asked him if he he’d like to be healed, The word ‘Yes’, was too big a reply for him to give, rather he chose to justify his delay and explain away his miracle. He preferred to argue with the saviour. Thank God for the merciful saviour who healed him despite his weakness.

When you ask some people why they’re broke, they say it’s the economy, justifying their poverty with the economy as if everyone is affected by the economy. Rather, get furious at the situations you find yourself and hold on to God’s word for your deliverance. Stop arguing away your miracle or justifying your sickness. All sicknesses are oppressions of the enemy even if medicine and doctors call them any name.



So Zaccheaus came down and he got Jesus in his house. What a honour! Slow down friends, be humble, come down from your estate, and hand over to him. Stop boasting about your years of experience or your numerous degrees or your expensive certifications, or how many years you’ve been born again or your titles. Just say, I surrender. I surrender all. Make me whatever, take me wherever, tell me whatever, anything that will make things begin to work, Jesus is here now, and he’s the one in charge. He’s the new sheriff in town. He needs no assistant. He’s God all by himself

Please come to Jesus today if you haven’t. Take him in to your heart and life now. Accept him as lord and saviour. Say Lord Jesus, I come to you. I receive you in to my heart today. Write my name in your book of life. I drop my arrogance and enrol in your school of grace. I’m glad I came today. I’m free indeed. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

Today’s Lifeclass  humbles me, I hope it did same to you. Say thank you Jesus. Lord I thank you for the honour you gave me to share these words, I’ll forever be chasing after you. Thank you Jesus

Join me tomorrow on another episode of Lifeclass

Today is really loaded by God’s grace and we’re moving right in to today’s Lifeclass. This is episode 5 of the big series – Focus on what is working. The series will take us close to 20 days and when we’re done with it, the complete teaching will be out in print, as a book. But even right now, you can download and read each teaching here on our website.

The story is still unfolding, still in Luke 19:1-10. Yesterday, I told you that Zacchaeus would have indeed become a spectacle of the whole crowd. That revelation still excites me, please read yesterday’s class.

Great faith for great things are triggered in us when we shift our attention away from our weaknesses and instead focus on the brighter side. These weaknesses or negativities quickly give way to our faith when we do so.


Zacchaeus didn’t just get the attention of the master, he got a visit proposal. You have no idea, the things waiting to be unlocked if you’d just focus on our strengths. Zacchaeus, surprisingly to others, got a visit proposal from the saviour. People murmured. “How would a while saviour visit a tax collector? Sinner by Jewish standard, abomination”.

Exactly the same thing was said about Bartimeaus. When you choose to focus on things that are working, don’t think people will throw a red carpet and say yea, he’s arrived. They know that, that is how your potentials will be unlocked. Remember people told Bartimeaus too to keep quiet. “Hold your peace, stop making noise, he can’t even hear you.” The world will always want to tell you about your inabilities. They want to keep you focused on the things that are not working. Your employees for instance may ignorantly keep putting up attitudes that want keeps you focused on their inabilities. All customers want you to serve them first and serve them best, your bankers may always want to make you focus on your unpaid debt. The atmosphere around you sometimes could get tensed up and mount pressure on you.

People would rather see nothing good in your situation. So be careful, the people you hear and the places you go. Choose carefully, the projects you partake in. I personally do not like going to places I will not be valued, where I will be reminded only of my weakness. That is not to say that one does not want to hear the truth or reality. My reality is in what the bible says I am, not necessarily what it appears to be now, or what the world says it is. And besides, when the supposed ‘truth’ of how weak I am has become a song in the mouths of those saying it, with no signs of making me what God has destined for me, then, I’ll avoid you altogether since you’re not ready to help me grow and get working, the things that are dragging in my life.

I once mentored one of my protégés, about how best to know which leaders, bosses, or mentors worth pitching your tent with. You should be more comfortable with those who are passionate about scaling your dreams to a larger audience, those who communicate purpose into you even from their mere looks into your face, people who drag you out of your comfort zone, not so they can own you, but so they can release you to fly, even if you’re working for them.

Move only with people who’d be lovingly unapologetic about transforming your weaknesses into strength. Both Bartimeaus and Zacchaeus needed physical sight – they wanted to see Jesus, but both of them also needed spiritual sight – they needed salvation. They needed liberation, the needed to see Jesus transform their weaknesses into strength.

Both of them chose instead to ignore their barriers to seeing Jesus. Bartimeaus particularly chose to climb higher than his limitation


When Zaccheaus stayed in the multitude, all he could see were people’s backs and shoulders because he was a very short man. If he chose to force his way through, he could get frustrated on the way and not make it to Jesus. He could even be trampled upon. It’s more like he stood no chance on foot.

Avoid engaging in things you stand no chance and competing head-on the way others do. Grace is available. Choose to thrive and not struggle. Don’t go blindly into business deals where you stand no chance. I’d rather you stayed with the ones you stand a 50 percent chance and you work your way through leveraging on your success (or lessons from seeming failure) to activate those other ones.

Now remember that everything in life is about value, cool down, the businesses, endeavours or platforms you’re passionate about but you seem not to stand a chance today, is simply because your value is still hidden to them, the moment your value rises, they will give you the chances on a plater of gold. One way to boost your value is to do more of the things you know how to do best, so that you get noticed and get called into the things you presently do not stand a chance

For instance, since Zacchaeus stood a little chance in foot, he stepped out of the whole clutter crowd and looked for a vantage position – the sycamore tree which he climbed. Much later in another episode of Lifeclass, I will talk more about such platforms that help you climb.

For Zacchaeus, if you call it desperation, you won’t be wrong. And if you call it separation, believe me, you’re speaking my mind – separation, consecration, sanctification, holiness, fasting, and prayer. All these must be a lifestyle if you want to climb higher in God. Physically, in any endeavour you find yourself, you must be ready to do what others are not doing. You must be ready to go extra miles that others don’t think is necessary, whether you’re someone’s employee or employer, a leader or follower, a mentor or a mentee.


Spiritually, you can’t afford to be an onlooker in the issues of the kingdom. One thing is certain. God has given to you what you need to get what you! Yes, I said it right – God has given to you what you need to get what you need! You only need to climb higher than your limitations


Maybe your limitation is that you can’t speak Queen’s English, whereas you’re trying to join a team where your spoken English is the requirement. Maybe Your limitation is that they need a PhD, but all you have is a BSc. Or maybe you limitation is that they need 21 years experience, but all you have is just 1 year experience. The limitation list is an endless one and as long as you’re not ready to climb higher than them, you’d have a good excuse to hold yourself back. Maybe you seriously need to stop making yourself the victim by allowing people convince you that you’re not fit for them. Maybe you need to stop trying to force yourself on those who say you must speak Queen’s English before you belong to them. Teach yourself the queen’s English though, but men don’t define you, God does. And His word says you’re beautifully and wonderfully made – if you believe that.

Maybe you need to stop giving a hoot and marking yourself out of your destiny simply because someone says you don’t have one degree or certification. Get the degree of qualification though, but your success is in God’s hand, not men’s and He doesn’t need any human certification to elevate you.

I once went out routing the market, trying to sell a product I have developed for seven years, with sleepless nights and days, lots of sacrifices. I made only few sales. Not encouraging at all at first. I even got to a man who saw my product and liked it and all he could say was that he admired my product and my selling skills and so I should stop selling my product and come work for him.  I felt so unhappy. Rather than just encourage me even if he wasn’t going to buy, he was adding to my hurt, telling me to dump my dream and come work for him. I told him I had worked under a few bosses before venturing out and that now that I’ve ventured out, I can’t go back. I’m glad I didn’t let him get into me. But believe me. He almost did. When I left him, I almost shed tears. But I thank Jesus, I didn’t quit my dream. Now, over 1 million users are using that product. So, you need to separate yourself from the clutter and climb

Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity to hear these words at this very time. We believe strongly that as you gave Zacchaeus the visit proposal, you’re also giving us that visit proposal right now. You’re visiting our houses, our churches, homes, families, businesses, marriages, governments, and all our endeavours. You’re indeed visiting everything that has looked difficult in our lives up till now.

Thank you Lord Jesus, as you gave Zacchaeus the strength to run ahead of the crowd and climb higher, you’re also giving us what it takes, telling us what to do and equipping us with the right ideas, to distinguish ourselves and step out of the clutter, in Jesus name.


He’s giving you that proposal. He wants to visit you. Say Lord Jesus, I accept your proposal. I’m sorry for my sins; I’m ready to turn my whole life to you. Thank you for giving your life in exchange for my eternal peace. Please write my name in that book of life. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name, Amen!


Hello everyone, welcome once again to Lifeclass. In today’s life class, I’m still talking on focusing on what is working, but in a new dimension. If you think Bartimeaus is too simple an example for you, of course Bartimeaus was blind and poor. I have another example of one who can see and is rich, he also identified something not working in his life but chose not to focus on it.

So it depends on which class you happen to fall into. Zachaeus wasn’t poor, he was rich, matter of fact, one of the richest men in town. Zaccheaus wasn’t blind, he could see, but he also had a problem. He knew some things were not working in his life, but also decided to make use of the ones working.

We’re going to learn something very different from the story is Zacchaeus in Luke chapter 19, verses 1 to 10. There was a light that glowed in me when I saw this, I know it’s the Holy spirit reminding me. Another fellow is Zacchaeus here, same location, same circumstance, but different personality.  Bartimeaus was blind and poor, he begged for alms, but Zacchaeus on the other hand was rich. Bible says he was rich – he was wealthy. He was rich in money but not in height. He also longed to see Jesus. The location was still Jericho. It seems Jericho has this history of providing that connection between the under-privileged and their saviour.


Maybe your own Jericho is where you are right now, a position where you need to connect with a higher authority, a position where you need to locate how to make things that are not working, work, by focusing on the ones that are working. Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus, not because he was blind. Unlike Bartimeaus, he wasn’t blind, but he was short. Their conditions were different, but the circumstance seems similar. Both needed Jesus. You need Jesus too!

You may be saying, I don’t have the kind of problems others have. That you have money or access to some luxury that others don’t have does not foreclose your need for the saviour or his higher authority. Everyone has a vacuum in his life God alone can fill. The earlier you identify and acknowledge this vacuum, the better. If you discover your need for God’s higher authority in your life, you save several things quite early.

So Zacchaeus couldn’t see Jesus, not because he was blind, but because he was too short to look over the crowd. I’m sure all he could see from the crowd were people’s backs and shoulders. Jesus was right there within the crowd. But guess what? Also in transit, just as he was, when Bartimeaus cried out to him.

Listen to this. God is always working. Always saving someone, always healing someone, always delivering, providing, and prospering His people. He’s always moving in on the issues people call him into. He’s always in transit. So it may appear he’s not looking your side. It may appear he has left you all alone, as if he cares not about the turbulence going on around your boat. Remember that’s how it appeared to Jesus’ disciples when Jesus was sleeping in their boat. Even though he was in transit with them, he was sleeping. They had to wake him, before he calmed the storm around them. So you need to take your matter to him, you seriously need to. But my teaching here is that the way to do that is to start by making use of the few things working, and take those as a tool to getting Jesus attention on your areas of need.

See Zacchaeus now, you may want to pity him for been too short to see Jesus whom everyone saw easily, but Zacchaeus, just like Bartimeaus refused to be pitied and held back by his height. Zacchaeus was short, but he had legs to run ahead of the crowd and climb a sycamore tree on Jesus path.

You can’t say there’s nothing you can do to save your situation or get things working, as long as something at least is still working in our life.

While I was teaching my business sessions, I told the business owners on several occasions that one of the reasons why businesses fold up is when the business owner gets tired of the business. By extension, one of the reasons why marriages fold up is when the parties involved get tired of the marriage. Even if your spouse get’s tired, you shouldn’t or you stand no chance of making it work. One of the reasons why people die unnecessary deaths from sicknesses is when they give up believing for healing.

The moment you give up seeing any possibility in your whatever you do, then you have set yourself up for failure.

Zacchaeus chose not to be pitied for his shortness, he instead ran ahead of the crowd and climbed a sycamore tree. He climbed and waited patiently. Now, Talking about patience!


Zacchaeus waited patiently on that sycamore tree until Jesus passed by. Jesus was a celebrated and sought after teacher and could have been intercepted by some other persons who needed healing just as the woman with the issue of blood intercepted him the other day. So, it wasn’t quite predictable whether, or when he will pass by that sycamore tree, but Zacchaeus was patient. He knows that as losing as he waited for the saviour to pass by, there’s full guarantee he’d see him. So you need patience. When we stay focus on what is working, we mean stay patiently long enough with the things you have a grasp of believing in God that they’ll eventually produce what you need.

Bible says “Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.”  – “Even after you have done the will of God, you need patience to obtain the promise.” That’s what the Bible says.

You need patience to obtain just just about anything in life


Zaccheaus made his height look less important; he refused to be docked by that lack of height, just as Bartimeaus also refused to be held back by his blindness. See you have allowed these things to hold you back for too long. Now,pick that pen, get that writing pad, prepare that proposal, fine tune that résumé, write that book, make that trip, attend that programme, enrol for that course, stop giving excuses. If something will not work, another one will, if one school has refused to admit you, apply to another, if one degree seems too expensive, put in for a less expensive one. Please, you’ve allowed yourself to be held down and back for long enough, you’ve stayed on this mountain for too long, now is the time to focus and spring up. Jesus is with you now, he has always been, God’s got your back. Get hold of something you have and use it to activate what is not working. Get what you don’t have.


So as expected, Jesus got there, to that sycamore tree and looked up, saw Zaccheaus, just the same way he looked back when Bartimeaus cried out. Of course when the master looks up, the multitude moving with him would have looked up to see who he was looking at. Now, the Short man who could only see as high as people’s shoulder, became a spectacle for the crowd. That’s what happens when you choose to focus. When you concentrate your energy on the things that work, you would not know that you’re already going ahead of and surpassing people’s expectations and imaginations about you. You’re already setting yourself up for greatness, just as Zacchaeus did.

Because you have put all your energy on that one thing you identified as working in your life, you move very fast and you may not even know it. By the time you arrive, it would look like you’re the only one who has been running. Zaccheaus became a spectacle of the crowd because of course when Jesus looked up and saw him, everyone did. Zaccheaus became a star! If you also want to be seen by everyone, and you want to be announced, you want to be advertised and noticed, you want to become an envy for the world. You need to first come to Jesus and then begin to focus on your abilities and not your inabilities.


Zaccheaus was short but wouldn’t focus on his height. He was rich though, but he still had a vacuum that must be filled. You may need to start identifying the things money has not been able to do in your life. If you have money and you’re still sick,  and your money has not been able to purchase Your healing, then you need to shift focus from money unto Jesus. If you choose to spend that money on other people’s healing, you’re sowing a seed that God will reward. What if you spend your money to push the gospel of Jesus Christ, meaning you’re giving  people the opportunity for healing for their souls? Your healing will be perfected as a reward for your seed sown. All I’m teaching here’s is that as long as you substitute that focus on your sickness for something more worthy and promising, beginning by focusing in Jesus the author and finisher of your faith, you’re on the path to victory.


Lord Jesus, I receive you into my life today. Look on me, because when you do, everyone will, and I will become a spectacle of the world. My name is written in the book of life. I’m yours and I’m free forever. Thank you Jesus. Amen

That’s life class for today, Join me tomorrow by God’s, many thanks.

Hello everyone. Welcome once again to life class. I’m David Adeniji and I’m glad you’re following this class.

Now this is the third episode, I’ll stop counting, maybe when we get to the 10th episode (smiling)

Let me just start from where I stopped yesterday. Yesterday I made a very vital point. That, of the many things that are not working, there is one major one that gave birth to others.

And also of the many things that are working, there is one major one that you can also just take advantage of. In the case of Bartimeaus (Mark 10:45-52), the one major thing working for him was that he could talk, while the one major thing not working was that he couldn’t see.


Now I’m continuing. There’s nothing worth being unhappy about because you are already armed. Everything you need to survive and to succeed has been given to you. I told you yesterday that he has given you everything that pertains to life and godliness. That you don’t yet have your children for instance does not make you barren. That’s your own definition. You take care of children – yours or others’ –  you care and be happy. Period! Yours will soon join them. That you don’t have a job should not make you lazy or idle – just do something of value. Payment on your payment.


People say there’s unemployment, but Bible says, the harvest is plenty, the labourers are few!

So there’s a disparity, meaning that there are so many jobs, people are not coming. What you may be saying is that you don’t want to do something that people will not pay for. But believe me, money or no money, you can do something to add value to people’s lives. To the world, graduates are many and there are few jobs, but to Jesus, the harvest is plenty, labourers are few. So who’s report should we believe? All things are possible to them who believe.


You may be sick, you aren’t dead. Choose to live, because only living souls receive healing. Many people are killed not because of the sickness ,ut because they chose to focus on sickness. Dead people don’t get healing, your healing is in your living. Receive it now in Jesus name.

That you have failed at something is still not the definition of failure. Observe the things you are doing successfully and do more of them however trivial you find them to be. Everybody succeeds at something at least, even if it is talking or greeting or washing or something.  Nobody gets to a destination without starting or without the journey itself. Some things may not be working perfectly, but other things are. Don’t shut down your life and refuse to achieve anything just because some vital things are not working.


In today’s class, I want to show you one other thing that is working in Bartimeaus’ life. It’s not just his voice that is working. He could also walk. Yes! He could walk. He used his voice at first, he cried out! Jesus son of David, have mercy on me. People tried to shut him down, but he kept on he continued.

But he appears that his voice alone will not get him to Jesus. We saw of course that Jesus stood still when he heard his cry. That’s what happens when you just focus and make the best use of what is working in your life. Heaven stands still on your behalf. That happened when he used his voice, he got the master’s invitation. And right away he gave no excuses. He didn’t say – “Oh master, I’m blind, how can I make it to you. How will I see the way, will I not fall?” instead, he immediately activated his legs, which were also working!.


Observe that Jesus didn’t command that he be carried to him. Now, that’s another revelation! Bartimeaus’ voice is not the only thing working, he had earlier made use of his ears to hear the saviour passing by, then he felt, simply hearing him pass by will not be enough, let me cry out to him. Still after crying out, he would not relax, he made use of some other ability he had. Upon hearing the savious invitation, he sprang up on his legs and made his way to Jesus. Bible says clearly that he threw off his garment, rose and went to Jesus.

I’m sure he did that in excitement and hurry, not minding whether he will fall or not and certainly not as careful as he will be when coming to work or going back home. So to get things working,, you need to identify not just one thing,  but several other things working

Bartimeaus began by hearing the saviour pass, then he shouted and got the invitation of the master, but he didn’t stay there, he rose and walked to Jesus.

So finally, when Jesus asked him what he wanted, the miracle had already happened, as Jesus didn’t command any miracle or make any decree or touch him at all. He simply said, “Go your way, your faith has made you whole.”

Simply ignoring his deficiency, focusing on Jesus and strongly on the things he could do, has forced out the illness and made his desire a reality. So what I’m saying is that simply focusing on Jesus and on the things that are working in your life is the miracle you have been waiting for. It’s the miracle you’ve been praying for.

That is what will force out the things that are not working, the negativities. So the miracle Bartimeaus has been waiting for, is simply focusing on the master and on those things he could do, taking them one by one. “OK I can hear, I focus, I use that to an extent, I can speak, I cry out, got the master’s attention, he stood still, called for me, then what else? Oh, I can walk too, I charge forward – towards him, and right on the way, my miracle happens! Praise Jesus. Because on getting to the master, he simply said, your faith has made you whole.

If you hear Jesus in this message and you haven’t said yes to him, now is the time to receive him. And if you’ve said yes to him but you’re still far from him, now is the time to get close because that’s the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Say this prayer with me.

Lord Jesus, I hear you in this message, from today, I say yes and I refuse to stay lame, or blind, I move closer to you from today. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus mighty name

If you said that prayer, send me your testimony. Or you may simply send me your comments via the comment box here or using my social media handles

Tomorrow, I’ll be opening a brand new twist to the whole story. Please join me again tomorrow. Thanks