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Hello everybody. Thank you for joining me on life class. I am David Adeniji and I really appreciate your followership. Now in the next couple of days maybe in about one month or so, we’re going to be talking about a big theme that I title:

Focus on what is working. That will be our theme of the month.

But every day we’ll talk on that and then there’ll be episodes under that big theme, everyday.

Life classes is a 5 – 10 minutes audio teaching every morning that will be dropping right on the whatsapp platform every morning. We should share it and also invite people to join the group with the Whatsapp link that I have dropped on the whatsapp platform.

So let me go quickly to today’s life class. I’m talking about focusing on what is working. Focus on what is walking. Now, sometimes, or let’s say many times some things may not be working in our lives. But if we check carefully other things are working. I am yet to meet anyone who can boldly tell me that nothing is working in their life. At the least. Your life is working. You’re breathing in and out. I mean you have so much more to thank God for. So some things may not be working in our lives but other things are.

What I’m trying to solve in this series is that why should we shut down our lives or aspects of our lives and refuse to achieve anything just because some vital things are not working.


Now I give you an example of Bartimaeus the blind in the book of Mark chapter 10 verse 47.

I mean Mark 10, verses 47 to 52 Bartimaeus couldn’t see,  but he could hear so he made the best use of his hearing and so secured his sight with determination from Jesus Christ.

Now you see, that something is not working in your life or that several things are not walking is not enough reason to lose the advantage hidden, to lose the benefits hidden, to lose the potentials hidden in the things that are working. God and designed your life to get those things that are not working – to get them working, by focusing on the ones that are working.


Now, again I go to that example that I started with. When Jesus passed by he wasn’t moving to Jericho. In that scripture – Mark 10:47-52 –  When Jesus passed by he wasn’t moving into Jericho. He was actually moving out of Jericho. So it is not impossible that he (Bartimaeus) was there and heard when Jesus moved into Jericho. But you see, maybe he thought, of course I can see him. When he (Bartimaeus) heard again that Jesus Christ is now moving out of Jericho, then he determined to get his attention. Not. A lot of odds maybe stashed against you, against your business. It gives your marriage your children. Let me tell you, most times the odds are more than the gains. The disadvantages you see may outnumber the gains. But it takes just one thing that is working to change hundreds of things that are not working.

Yeah! Bartimaues couldn’t see! Now listen to this – He was partially blind, I know


So you may be telling me that you don’t understand what I’m going through. You don’t know the extent of deadness in those things that are not working in my life. I don’t know and I may not even need to know because the same was the case with bartimeaus. He wasn’t partially blind. He was completely blind. And Jesus was not standing or sitting somewhere where people met him for counselling. So I’m trying to show you that it was practically impossible for one who had no eyes to penetrate into the crowd and meet a Savior who is not even standing somewhere, but in who’s on transit.

Bartimeaus  couldn’t see, and Jesus was in transit. He was moving out of Bartimaeus’ reach. If you do not think about focusing on what is working so you can revamp the things that not working, you will be losing opportunity.

 I give you an example. Your company is almost going into bankruptcy because of debt and you are thinking should I just declare and go. While it is not bad in itself to declare bankruptcy, it is bad if you choose not to focus the things that are working in your life. So I’m just telling you this morning, lifeclass is just beginning. This is the first episode and I’m saying focus on what is working.

Still, I remain on Bartimaeus’  Story. You see, we need to get this clear. That some situations paralyze an aspect or facet of our lives, doesn’t mean our entire lives should remain at the mercy of those situations.


So you have this pain on your eyes and then you think because of that you’ll you’ll have to drop some things that people are benefiting from. There is this element in your body it is not God’s will for you to sick, but then you are what I’m saying is that you need to focus on other parts of your body that are not sick. And get healing for the other one that is sick. Every time you have something not work in your life, you also have an opportunity to get them working, If only you will focus on the ones that are working.


So pull up a sheet of paper this morning, and draw two lines. I mean create two columns. Label one column – things that are working, and the other – things that are not working. So make a list of the things that are working, maybe in your marriage, your family, business, body, finance, etc. Then make another list of those things that are not working. Then try to do a match.

You know those excercises we give to children where we tell them to match similar objects. Draw lines from the not-working column to the working and say – oh, with these, I think I can get these to work.

So now if on the list of things that are working, you have there that your marriage is working, your family is working, etc,  but on the other list of things not working, you have an item there that one of your children needs closer attention regarding his/her attitudes. You’ve seen counsellors and psychologists and all, but he/she still seems not to be getting right on track. Okay.

And then, maybe still on that not-working list, You have it there that your daughter’s marriage is not working fine. Since your own marriage is working, you can match that, You can match that to your daughter’s. You focus on what is working in your own marriage to save your daughter’s marriage. Rather than just keep focusing on things not working and ignoring the ones that are working.



I’ll see you again in the next lifeclass, but this morning, remember, focus on what is working. So in case you haven’t given your life to Jesus, because Jesus Christ is the master in making things work. I’d like you to follow me to say this prayer.

Lord Jesus. I thank you for this opportunity. I come to you today because you are the one who makes things work. You have started making things work right from the time you gave your life for me on the cross of Calvary. I know I have sins, but I also bring them to you. I confess them before you. I’d like you to save me and receive me into your kingdom. From today I am free. From today, things will begin to work in my life. Today particularly, lines will fall unto to me in pleasant places.


Thank you for saving me I am free, in Jesus mighty name.

If you said that please drop me a message on my blog. Just follow the available links. Remember, Lifeclass continues tomorrow.

in life class I teach life principles, that will change your life. Thank you very much. Please share the link and also share this message with other people. Remember our theme for the month is FOCUS ON WHAT IS WORKING

Let’s continue in episode 2 – tomorrow.

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