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It’s a brand new day again on LIFECLASS. I’m glad you came. Now, do remember to catch all episodes of LIFECLASS on our website . Right there you can also drop tour feedback.

In today’s LIFECLASS, I want to simply tell you that your experience counts. You have some unique experience that counts for something. You may value it, you may not. People may value it and they may not. Employers may value it, they may say it’s insufficient. Customers may take it for granted and say it doesn’t count. But  none of these can change the fact that you just have some experience in something or another, that counts for something. That experience may not be sufficient to earn you a position in somebody’s company, but that doesn’t remove anything from the fact that that experience is unique, its something other people don’t have.

I once told my friends that it doesn’t matter how little I know, no one can know everything I know. It doesn’t matter how little your experience is. No one has all the experience you have. The most brilliant geek on earth cannot know everything an illiterate somewhere knows,. Its a mystery that God has designed to prove that all men are unique

Yesterday, we saw in 1 Sam 17:39,  how David preferred his primitive tools against Saul’s weapons of war. A few verses before that scenerio, another episode had happened that is also worth paying attention to. David declared to king Saul that he was going to face the giant. Saul was quick to tell him the obvious – you are not qualified – you’re only but a boy. This guy is an experienced fighter. You are neither a soldier nor an experienced fighter. To fighter this man, you need to be a veteran.

Many times people have told you to your face that you’re not qualified for one thing or the other. And perhaps they were right. But what you however might have failed to do is to spell out clearly afterwards to yourself and to them the things you’re indeed qualified for. This morning, there’s a task I have for you. Pull up again a sheet of paper and write down the things you’re qualified for. Think deep. If you’re thinking about academic qualification alone, then you’re limiting God and consequently limiting yourself. Hello friend. If only few people have told you this in a long time. I will tell you for free. You’re qualified. Maybe not in the things you claim to be selling now, and perhaps not in the things you’re  branding on your CV or proposals, maybe its something else. Something informal. Something you aren’t paying attention to.

It’s like David was going to lose that job, he wasn’t doing well in his job interview. He’s just about to land himself a job he has setup for himself by daring the giant. Oh, or you think he could have gone to fight Goliath without the king’s approval? Oh no, greatness was right before him, but he must pass that interview. He must pull up a reasonable response to counter King Saul’s objection. I ask you what’s your response when you face objections. Look inwards , remember something God has done in the past. Something you are not seeing as a big deal.

Life itself is a marketing excuse, there are always objections, but you need to focus on what is presently working or what has once worked or something you’re working on or an experience you’ve lost track of, to crush those objections. You must never admit those objections as the final. The facts may be evident. What people say about you could be facts. But the truth is what God says about you and not what anyone says. You need to cooperate with him to make them a reality.

By God’s grace, most of the things I’m saying here,  I’ve experienced first hand. If God connects you, that little experience you have is just enough for God to do what will blow your mind. I’m not saying you shouldn’t push for more experience. I’m saying what you have presently is enough for God to multiply just like that little boy’s  5 loaves and 2 fishes in John chapter 6 verses 1-14 was just enough requirement to feed 5,000 men and still have 12 baskets left over.  If God helps you, I tell you Your resume will be the only one that fits the job. Your story will the the only story people want to listen to. So open your mouth right now and say yes, this little experience I have is just ok for God to make use of, at this very moment to change my life.

One way to reduce the number of disappointments you have in life is to quit believing people’s summary of you as standard and final. Look at David once again…

Yes, it is true that David was just a boy, and that he had no combat skills. He had never killed a man, let alone, a giant. You don’t need to deny it when people tell you your weaknesses, but never let them leave without telling them your strengths. You may not deny it when people tell you you’re not experienced at something. But be quick to tell them what you are experienced at. I’ve never killed a giant, but God helped me to kill a I’ve Lion, this giant will fall like the lion fell. You too can say, oh I’ve never been to UK, or us, and i’ve ot studies abroad, but I’ve been to Lagos, I’ve been to Abuja. I seen places. I’ve never handled a multibilion naira project, but I was P.A. to one who handled a multimillion naira deal. I dont have a PhD, but i helped my supervisor with his PhD thesis. Ive never Pastored a church, but im the best pastor my wife and children has ever had.  I do not have what you’re asking for, but here’s what I have. I’m not yet married, but I have friends who are married, and I learn from how father takes care of my mother. Bible says in Psalms Chapter 18 verses 28-29

For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord my God will enlighten my darkness. For by thee I have run through a troop; and by my God have I leaped over a wall.


David remembered he had once slaughtered a bear and a lion that tried to steal a lamb from his father’s flock which he kept. Now, that’s experience! I have never killed a man, let alone a giant, but I have once killed a bear and a lion. I gripped him by the jaw and tore him apart, to rescue the lamb. If God could help me kill the animal predator to rescue just one lamb, he will help me destroy this human predator, if that is what it rakes to rescue the whole nation

Maybe you already see what I’m driving at today.

Today, I see several people trying to move with the trend of things. Instead of packaging those primitive little little experiences they’ve gathered unconsciously in the past, they rather prefer to take on tasks they know nothing about just because someone else is doing it and is doing well. See just because someone else has become a celebrity fashionista is not enough reason for you to go into fashion. The blessings of the lord maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. I can go on and on and one. Today, we followed closely, yesterday’s trend.

The story I started with yesterday is a huge one. Here’s the point i’m trying to make in today’s class. You’re qualified for something. Stop discarding those experiences, gather them together, and let God use them to take you to a whole new realm. I’d like you to remember the exercise i gave you in the beginning of today’s class. Pull up a sheet of paper and write down those things you’re qualified for. Think deep and do not take any of your experiences for granted. God. uses the small and hidden things more than the obvious ones

Father we thank you for today, we give you praise, honour and adorations. Thank you for opening our eyes to something rather new. Today, we ask that you will open our eyes to see those things that you have given us. Those testimonies that we have lost track of. Those experiences that we do not see as a big deal, and we have taken for granted. Take them from us and turn them around for your use, for your glory. Thank you Lord Jesus.

If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, i’m glad you’re here. Say Lord Jesus, I thank you for this opportunity. Thank you for opening my eyes. Thank you for dying for me on the cross. Thank you for calling me. I answer O Lord. I accept you as Lord and Saviour. Thank you because you are blotting out my sins already. I’m free indeed. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Many thanks everyone for joining Lifeclass. I’ll meet you again tomorrow by the Grace of God. Amen.

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