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A big welcome once again to LIFECLASS. I’m always grateful to God for the opportunity to keep doing this everyday.

It is true that you certainly need people to succeed. But it isn’t true that you have to be obsessed with looking for people who will help you. If you engage in that search without the holy spirit, often times toy get into the wrong hands. I like staying away very far from situations that put my fate in the hands of man completely. Please don’t be lazy at birthing revelations in God’s presence that will settle you for a lifetime. I think the problem with most of us is that we are lazy. Don’t get me wrong. You’re hardworking physically, but lazy spiritually. We permit the devil to take over territories of our lives and we then blame our conditions on bad government and bad economy.  The discussion neither about whether a government is good or bad or whether inflation is high or low is nor for us as believers to get engrossed with. I told you yesterday that you have been helped.

I’m still staging closely with David’s ordeal with Saul when he needed approval to go fight Saul – to get shot into stardom. And that is in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 39

Just when one would think that the young man is lucky to have met with the king who should be glad that someone has finally volunteered to commit his life to rescuing the nation; Just when one would think David’s endorsement will come too cheap, he got an offer that will suppress his potentials and make the enemy destroy him too easily. Or what do you think? Goliath would have sliced him like a piece of cake, had he gone with those heavy-duty weapons. That’s what you get when you go about desperately  looking for endorcements and recommendation of men. Someone must endorse or recommend you if you must get to the top, but let God connect you with that someone. Joseph did not look for the butler who later introduced him to pharaoh, neither did he beg for that endorsement, the butler got thrown into jail, so he met him effortlessly

This morning, let me please quickly talk to those who go about looking for one celebrity to endorse them or some big shot to recommend them. Believe me, you’re spending that precious time unwisely and chances are, you will fall into the wrong hands. The easiest way to be recognized is to do one thing and do it consistently. Very soon, you’d be recognized. The barrier to this however is if that maybe it’s not paying your bills. So you may be forced to quit that thing which you find pleasure doing. The solution to that of course is to understand that no one becomes great by pushing to make ends meet. Real success does not visit people who are out for the money. Money needs you more than you need it. Without you, money will have no expression. Bible says the blessings of the lord makes rich and adds no sorrow  – Prov 10:22

Let me show you how to get endorsement quickly. Think about solving a global problem or a national issue.   When David chose to go head to head with Goliath, he knew that killing a Goliath would mean killing a national enemy. When Joseph interpreted the king’s dream. He saved the Nation from a major national crisis.  Build products that will not just touch few people. Stop thinking about yourself and how to pay your children school fees or how to send them abroad. It’s still about you. You want to be endorsed? Then stop being selfish.

Have you checked the Bible closely to see that everyone who did exploits there solved a global problem or a national issue? Moses took the Israelites nation out of captivity. God used him to solve a 430 year old national issue that had plunged the whole nation into servitude.

From today, begin to Channel your prayers correctly. Say Lord, open my eyes to a global or national problem I can solve. You have what the world does not have. You have the spirit of Christ.

Just because someone else is making it through forex does not make it the next big thing for you. I’m not saying forex is bad, but Just because your friend has started a church and is now living fine is not enough reason to switch career. That Mr or Mrs XYZ recently quit his job, for one business or the other does not mean the time is now for you to do so. Everyone has their time.  If you’re going to make things turn around or you want to spring out of the corner the devil has put you, you must not be busy looking for the next big event, or the next big business idea or the next big flourishing company who wants to recruit you. You should rather be looking for the hidden talents, equipment, gifts, people that you have hitherto not been paying attention to. In essence, you should be looking for the next big problem to solve with the abilities inherent in you but you that you haven’t been paying attention to because you think it’s not in vogue


David didn’t let the euphoria of standing before the king or the honour of having his weapon on, get into his head. Yes it was a honour having the offer of using a veteran’s weapons at war, but hey, it was not more important than honouring his God given tools, however primitive they look.


David chose not to be intimidated by the fake potentials in King Saul’s weapons. He must have thought in himself, if this King’s weapons are as lethal as he wants me to believe, why didn’t he face the giant with it. Instead, David decided to use his own primitive weapons – the stones, his sling, his Shepherd’s pouch, and his hands because he knew that the giant is already a dead man by defying the army of the Lord Of Hosts and cursing God. So he knew it’s not the spear and the sword that will kill this man, he already a dead man even before the battle. The reason you’re going to be great is because God says so, whether anyone likes it or not. All you need to do is cooperate with him.

The people you admire also have challenges. Its not all rosy with people out there as it seem. Sometimes I laugh when everybody suddenly wants to become the next TV model, or the next big comedian or the next big musician or the next big politician making the rounds, winning elections. As good as it sounds; TV is not as real as you see it. So much make up, so many exaggerated stories and so much of promoting what is not. If you watch too much of TV, you will think the only definition of success is being on TV. What I want to tell you is to focus on building value into yourself just like David had practiced slinging stones repeatedly until he was confident enough its the only skill he needed to kill Goliath.

Then I advice you that irrespective of where you find yourself or who you stand before, make sure you write your own story the way you want people to recite it. Talk about yourself exactly how you want people to address you, again just as David forced saul to respect his primitive tools as sufficient weaponry for the battle against the strongest enemy of the nation. You’re a bigger brand than most of the hypes you see on air..I’ll certainly see you at the top.

Say Lord Jesus, Thank you for showing me what I just saw in your word. I will not struggle to get things done. I will labour in the word, and in your presence. Lord, when you endorse me, people will look for me. When you annoint me, people will listen to me. Help me to solve a global problem. Open eyes and give me solutions to national issues. In Jesus Name.

But you need to come to Jesus to today, that prayer will work for you if you have received him into your life. Say Lord Jesus, I come to you today. Oh I now see what I stand to gain if I have you in my life. I accept you today as my Lord and saviour. I’m free indeed. In Jesus Name. Amen

Thanks you for joining the class today. Let’s meet tomorrow again on lifeclass

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