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Greetings you and welcome once again to LIFECLASS. Many thanks for joining in. I’m David Adeniji and I’m glad to have you in class.

Today, I begin with good news. Our First Book Is Out – Focus On What Is Working. By the special grace of God, we’re bringing this series to a pause after the next episode. That’s tomorrow. I’m glad to announce to you that our first book on LIFECLASS is out – Focus On What Is Working. Directions on how to get the book are on You can also contact me privately. Believe me, this news cheers me. Thank you for following, and thank you for every feedback.

Please make it a point of duty to invite someone to LIFECLASS . At least someone every week. Do you even know that inviting people to LIFECLASS is a way of preaching the Gospel to them and winning their souls for Jesus? And that comes with great rewards.

I’m so excited about today’s LIFECLASS. I told you not to miss the remaining episodes this week before we bring the series to a pause. Today’s LIFECLASS is titled: No Sentiments, Choose Carefully, No Sentiments, Choose carefully

Just immediately after David left Saul, dumping his vain weapons of deceit, weapons that he himself as king does not have confidence in. Just immediately after he turned down that offer in 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 39 and decided to focus what is already working, on using what he’s already familiar with, primitive weapons and tools he had at that time, like his sling, shepherd’s staff and shepherd’s pouch , the very next verse, verse 40, Bible says clearly that David selected 5 smooth stones. We’ve been so used to this story and we fail to pay attention to the fact that He didn’t just pack stones randomly, he SELECTED carefully. He CHOSE 5 stones carefully. And didn’t choose rough stones or just any kind of stones, he chose SMOOTH STONES.  Take note: smooth stones.

Despite being under pressure after rejecting what sounds like the biggest offer of his life, which of course is fake help, he certainly would be under pressure to deliver. All eyes are on him. People will be sayings things like: ok, you’ve turned down that millionaire man who offered to marry you just because he isn’t born again right, let’s see who will come for you now.

But David understood that even though he has opted for primitive weapons such as simple stones, not just any stone would so. The stones must be smooth, so they must be carefully selected, irrespective of the pressure he had in him, the stones must be well selected. They must be smooth.

Today, you must change this anything-goes mentality. You should begin to choose carefully who you stand with, what you stand for, and where you stand at. Choose carefully the friends you move with as the people you associate with are big  determiners of your success, after God. David chose the best and smoothest stones from the brook. Please keep your eyes open, pay attention to every detail. Don’t try to cut corners or always hunt for too good to be true offers. Whether cheap or expensive, my God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory. So stop looking for ridiculous discounts to the extent of enslaving yourself or cutting corners on God’s behalf. He can pay your bills.

As an Employer of labour do not just ask employees what they have to offer the company, you should also state in clear terms what you have to offer the employee. I know people who never dare to ask for the price of brand new things. They feel it’s not meant for them. Sometime, you cheat yourself, because the price of the new is very close to that of the fairly new. If only you had seen yourself as deserving the best.

When you chose, choose the best. Nothing will happen. Set yourself free from this manage-it kind of mentality. Manage the food, manage the house, manage this, manage that.


The life you have in Christ is a life with class. Oh by the way, let me tell you the meaning of LIFECLASS, the name of this class we’re in. You may say it is a class where we teach Life. You’re right. But there’s even a deeper dimension to LIFECLASS, which resonates with the topic I’m treating  today.

According to science, human beings are categorized scientifically into certain specie called Homo Sapiens and a certain CLASS called: Mammalia or simply mammals. That is the scientific class we belong to, according to science, and that’s physical. But let’s leave science and talk about the real us. The spirit. We belong to a spiritual Class called LIFE, that’s according to Genesis chapter 2 verse 7. And the Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth, and he breathed into his nostrils the breathe of LIFE, and man became a living soul.

Again, in Romans 8:2, Bible says, for the law of the SPIRIT of LIFE in Christ Jesus, has set us free from the law of sin and death, that is if you’ve given you life to Jesus. So in essence, just as we belong to a physical class called Mammalia or mammals, we belong rather to a spiritual class called LIFE, that’s LIFECLASS. That life however is the life of God. The same Life that Jesus has, that makes him God. So we have the same quality of life that God has. Isn’t that amazing? That’s why the Bible says in Romans chapter 8 vs 11 that

If the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

So you see, if you must command victory in every situation, you must carefully select your options, your actions, and choose your methods carefully. Choose your words carefully when you engage with people. Use the best words possible. Don’t talk or act before you think about the consequences of your speech or actions. Select your friends jealously, choose your employers or employees carefully and prayerfully.

Choose your leaders carefully. Be like David here who carefully selected smooth stones from the brook and not just any kind of stones. And he consequently went ahead, applied just one of the carefully selected stones, and in no time, Got Goliath dead.

But why did I have to do all that explanation, it is so you know that you must not settle for anything less than God’s taste and preference for you. This isn’t about you, it’s about Him. You’re a signature of god’s nature. It’s like saying that you’re an artiste under God’s record label, or let’s say, you’re an earthly franchise of God’s conglomerate. You must represent all he stands for. You must select the best always. You must be choosy, no sentiments, it’s not about you, it’s about him. Even where it appears that life presents you with few choices in one circumstance of the other, one of those choices has to be the best choice available, if not, you discard all the alternatives and CREATE a new alternative that doesn’t exist yet, because your God is a creator and you are a creative creature of his.

The lesson in Today’s LIFECLASS is very simple, but instructive. No sentiments, always chose carefully. Select God’s best for you. Embrace excellence. No matter what situation you find yourself and no matter what pressure people mount on you. Always take your time and remember you belong to LIFECLASS  – a spiritual class that God also belongs  to. You carry God’s life in you and you’re not permitted to settle for less than the best

Say Lord Jesus, what a revelation today, I belong to LIFECLASS, a spiritual order named LIFE, the same class that God belongs to. From today, I refuse to settle for less than God’s best for me. I refuse to tolerate sickness of any form, in my body, and I refuse to embrace failure or mediocrity as an option.

And if you haven’t given your life to Jesus, just key into this right now. It’s an opportunity that is rare. Say Lord Jesus, I want to Join LIFECLAS, I want to join that God order of LIFE where God also belongs to. I release myself to unto you. Receive me into your kingdom. Daddy, blot out my sins, I’m ready to forsake them in the Name of Jesus.

If you said that prayer, I’m particularly interested in your feedback.

Please head on to to drop your comments, questions or feedback. Also pick up a copy of the new book – Focus On What Is Working Right There.

Many thanks once again for attending LIFECLASS today. See you tomorrow again by God’s grace

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