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Hello everyone. Welcome once again to life class. I’m David Adeniji and I’m glad you’re following this class.

Now this is the third episode, I’ll stop counting, maybe when we get to the 10th episode (smiling)

Let me just start from where I stopped yesterday. Yesterday I made a very vital point. That, of the many things that are not working, there is one major one that gave birth to others.

And also of the many things that are working, there is one major one that you can also just take advantage of. In the case of Bartimeaus (Mark 10:45-52), the one major thing working for him was that he could talk, while the one major thing not working was that he couldn’t see.


Now I’m continuing. There’s nothing worth being unhappy about because you are already armed. Everything you need to survive and to succeed has been given to you. I told you yesterday that he has given you everything that pertains to life and godliness. That you don’t yet have your children for instance does not make you barren. That’s your own definition. You take care of children – yours or others’ –  you care and be happy. Period! Yours will soon join them. That you don’t have a job should not make you lazy or idle – just do something of value. Payment on your payment.


People say there’s unemployment, but Bible says, the harvest is plenty, the labourers are few!

So there’s a disparity, meaning that there are so many jobs, people are not coming. What you may be saying is that you don’t want to do something that people will not pay for. But believe me, money or no money, you can do something to add value to people’s lives. To the world, graduates are many and there are few jobs, but to Jesus, the harvest is plenty, labourers are few. So who’s report should we believe? All things are possible to them who believe.


You may be sick, you aren’t dead. Choose to live, because only living souls receive healing. Many people are killed not because of the sickness ,ut because they chose to focus on sickness. Dead people don’t get healing, your healing is in your living. Receive it now in Jesus name.

That you have failed at something is still not the definition of failure. Observe the things you are doing successfully and do more of them however trivial you find them to be. Everybody succeeds at something at least, even if it is talking or greeting or washing or something.  Nobody gets to a destination without starting or without the journey itself. Some things may not be working perfectly, but other things are. Don’t shut down your life and refuse to achieve anything just because some vital things are not working.


In today’s class, I want to show you one other thing that is working in Bartimeaus’ life. It’s not just his voice that is working. He could also walk. Yes! He could walk. He used his voice at first, he cried out! Jesus son of David, have mercy on me. People tried to shut him down, but he kept on he continued.

But he appears that his voice alone will not get him to Jesus. We saw of course that Jesus stood still when he heard his cry. That’s what happens when you just focus and make the best use of what is working in your life. Heaven stands still on your behalf. That happened when he used his voice, he got the master’s invitation. And right away he gave no excuses. He didn’t say – “Oh master, I’m blind, how can I make it to you. How will I see the way, will I not fall?” instead, he immediately activated his legs, which were also working!.


Observe that Jesus didn’t command that he be carried to him. Now, that’s another revelation! Bartimeaus’ voice is not the only thing working, he had earlier made use of his ears to hear the saviour passing by, then he felt, simply hearing him pass by will not be enough, let me cry out to him. Still after crying out, he would not relax, he made use of some other ability he had. Upon hearing the savious invitation, he sprang up on his legs and made his way to Jesus. Bible says clearly that he threw off his garment, rose and went to Jesus.

I’m sure he did that in excitement and hurry, not minding whether he will fall or not and certainly not as careful as he will be when coming to work or going back home. So to get things working,, you need to identify not just one thing,  but several other things working

Bartimeaus began by hearing the saviour pass, then he shouted and got the invitation of the master, but he didn’t stay there, he rose and walked to Jesus.

So finally, when Jesus asked him what he wanted, the miracle had already happened, as Jesus didn’t command any miracle or make any decree or touch him at all. He simply said, “Go your way, your faith has made you whole.”

Simply ignoring his deficiency, focusing on Jesus and strongly on the things he could do, has forced out the illness and made his desire a reality. So what I’m saying is that simply focusing on Jesus and on the things that are working in your life is the miracle you have been waiting for. It’s the miracle you’ve been praying for.

That is what will force out the things that are not working, the negativities. So the miracle Bartimeaus has been waiting for, is simply focusing on the master and on those things he could do, taking them one by one. “OK I can hear, I focus, I use that to an extent, I can speak, I cry out, got the master’s attention, he stood still, called for me, then what else? Oh, I can walk too, I charge forward – towards him, and right on the way, my miracle happens! Praise Jesus. Because on getting to the master, he simply said, your faith has made you whole.

If you hear Jesus in this message and you haven’t said yes to him, now is the time to receive him. And if you’ve said yes to him but you’re still far from him, now is the time to get close because that’s the miracle you’ve been waiting for.

Say this prayer with me.

Lord Jesus, I hear you in this message, from today, I say yes and I refuse to stay lame, or blind, I move closer to you from today. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus mighty name

If you said that prayer, send me your testimony. Or you may simply send me your comments via the comment box here or using my social media handles

Tomorrow, I’ll be opening a brand new twist to the whole story. Please join me again tomorrow. Thanks

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