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Today is really loaded by God’s grace and we’re moving right in to today’s Lifeclass. This is episode 5 of the big series – Focus on what is working. The series will take us close to 20 days and when we’re done with it, the complete teaching will be out in print, as a book. But even right now, you can download and read each teaching here on our website.

The story is still unfolding, still in Luke 19:1-10. Yesterday, I told you that Zacchaeus would have indeed become a spectacle of the whole crowd. That revelation still excites me, please read yesterday’s class.

Great faith for great things are triggered in us when we shift our attention away from our weaknesses and instead focus on the brighter side. These weaknesses or negativities quickly give way to our faith when we do so.


Zacchaeus didn’t just get the attention of the master, he got a visit proposal. You have no idea, the things waiting to be unlocked if you’d just focus on our strengths. Zacchaeus, surprisingly to others, got a visit proposal from the saviour. People murmured. “How would a while saviour visit a tax collector? Sinner by Jewish standard, abomination”.

Exactly the same thing was said about Bartimeaus. When you choose to focus on things that are working, don’t think people will throw a red carpet and say yea, he’s arrived. They know that, that is how your potentials will be unlocked. Remember people told Bartimeaus too to keep quiet. “Hold your peace, stop making noise, he can’t even hear you.” The world will always want to tell you about your inabilities. They want to keep you focused on the things that are not working. Your employees for instance may ignorantly keep putting up attitudes that want keeps you focused on their inabilities. All customers want you to serve them first and serve them best, your bankers may always want to make you focus on your unpaid debt. The atmosphere around you sometimes could get tensed up and mount pressure on you.

People would rather see nothing good in your situation. So be careful, the people you hear and the places you go. Choose carefully, the projects you partake in. I personally do not like going to places I will not be valued, where I will be reminded only of my weakness. That is not to say that one does not want to hear the truth or reality. My reality is in what the bible says I am, not necessarily what it appears to be now, or what the world says it is. And besides, when the supposed ‘truth’ of how weak I am has become a song in the mouths of those saying it, with no signs of making me what God has destined for me, then, I’ll avoid you altogether since you’re not ready to help me grow and get working, the things that are dragging in my life.

I once mentored one of my protégés, about how best to know which leaders, bosses, or mentors worth pitching your tent with. You should be more comfortable with those who are passionate about scaling your dreams to a larger audience, those who communicate purpose into you even from their mere looks into your face, people who drag you out of your comfort zone, not so they can own you, but so they can release you to fly, even if you’re working for them.

Move only with people who’d be lovingly unapologetic about transforming your weaknesses into strength. Both Bartimeaus and Zacchaeus needed physical sight – they wanted to see Jesus, but both of them also needed spiritual sight – they needed salvation. They needed liberation, the needed to see Jesus transform their weaknesses into strength.

Both of them chose instead to ignore their barriers to seeing Jesus. Bartimeaus particularly chose to climb higher than his limitation


When Zaccheaus stayed in the multitude, all he could see were people’s backs and shoulders because he was a very short man. If he chose to force his way through, he could get frustrated on the way and not make it to Jesus. He could even be trampled upon. It’s more like he stood no chance on foot.

Avoid engaging in things you stand no chance and competing head-on the way others do. Grace is available. Choose to thrive and not struggle. Don’t go blindly into business deals where you stand no chance. I’d rather you stayed with the ones you stand a 50 percent chance and you work your way through leveraging on your success (or lessons from seeming failure) to activate those other ones.

Now remember that everything in life is about value, cool down, the businesses, endeavours or platforms you’re passionate about but you seem not to stand a chance today, is simply because your value is still hidden to them, the moment your value rises, they will give you the chances on a plater of gold. One way to boost your value is to do more of the things you know how to do best, so that you get noticed and get called into the things you presently do not stand a chance

For instance, since Zacchaeus stood a little chance in foot, he stepped out of the whole clutter crowd and looked for a vantage position – the sycamore tree which he climbed. Much later in another episode of Lifeclass, I will talk more about such platforms that help you climb.

For Zacchaeus, if you call it desperation, you won’t be wrong. And if you call it separation, believe me, you’re speaking my mind – separation, consecration, sanctification, holiness, fasting, and prayer. All these must be a lifestyle if you want to climb higher in God. Physically, in any endeavour you find yourself, you must be ready to do what others are not doing. You must be ready to go extra miles that others don’t think is necessary, whether you’re someone’s employee or employer, a leader or follower, a mentor or a mentee.


Spiritually, you can’t afford to be an onlooker in the issues of the kingdom. One thing is certain. God has given to you what you need to get what you! Yes, I said it right – God has given to you what you need to get what you need! You only need to climb higher than your limitations


Maybe your limitation is that you can’t speak Queen’s English, whereas you’re trying to join a team where your spoken English is the requirement. Maybe Your limitation is that they need a PhD, but all you have is a BSc. Or maybe you limitation is that they need 21 years experience, but all you have is just 1 year experience. The limitation list is an endless one and as long as you’re not ready to climb higher than them, you’d have a good excuse to hold yourself back. Maybe you seriously need to stop making yourself the victim by allowing people convince you that you’re not fit for them. Maybe you need to stop trying to force yourself on those who say you must speak Queen’s English before you belong to them. Teach yourself the queen’s English though, but men don’t define you, God does. And His word says you’re beautifully and wonderfully made – if you believe that.

Maybe you need to stop giving a hoot and marking yourself out of your destiny simply because someone says you don’t have one degree or certification. Get the degree of qualification though, but your success is in God’s hand, not men’s and He doesn’t need any human certification to elevate you.

I once went out routing the market, trying to sell a product I have developed for seven years, with sleepless nights and days, lots of sacrifices. I made only few sales. Not encouraging at all at first. I even got to a man who saw my product and liked it and all he could say was that he admired my product and my selling skills and so I should stop selling my product and come work for him.  I felt so unhappy. Rather than just encourage me even if he wasn’t going to buy, he was adding to my hurt, telling me to dump my dream and come work for him. I told him I had worked under a few bosses before venturing out and that now that I’ve ventured out, I can’t go back. I’m glad I didn’t let him get into me. But believe me. He almost did. When I left him, I almost shed tears. But I thank Jesus, I didn’t quit my dream. Now, over 1 million users are using that product. So, you need to separate yourself from the clutter and climb

Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity to hear these words at this very time. We believe strongly that as you gave Zacchaeus the visit proposal, you’re also giving us that visit proposal right now. You’re visiting our houses, our churches, homes, families, businesses, marriages, governments, and all our endeavours. You’re indeed visiting everything that has looked difficult in our lives up till now.

Thank you Lord Jesus, as you gave Zacchaeus the strength to run ahead of the crowd and climb higher, you’re also giving us what it takes, telling us what to do and equipping us with the right ideas, to distinguish ourselves and step out of the clutter, in Jesus name.


He’s giving you that proposal. He wants to visit you. Say Lord Jesus, I accept your proposal. I’m sorry for my sins; I’m ready to turn my whole life to you. Thank you for giving your life in exchange for my eternal peace. Please write my name in that book of life. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus Name, Amen!


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