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What a wonderful brand new week it is, thank you for following Lifeclass. Good day. I’m David Adeniji, and I’m continuing the big series we started last week – Focus On What is Working. In the last class, I was talking about climbing higher. I title today’s class, slow down, come down. And here’s what I mean. Many times, we need to call ourselves to order. We need to tell ourselves that hey, it’s not as hard as it seems. We need to show ourselves that God is not interested in making things hard. If you check our website, I wrote there, thrive, don’t struggle. A lot of people think growing up and challenges mean you have to struggle, but no. God did not call us to struggle, He called us to thrive by grace. Now, there may be challenges, hurdles you need to pass and scale over, but that doesn’t mean you’re struggling. So slow down, you need to tell yourself to slow down.


In all of this, you need to understand that your climbing higher and running faster are not with the intention of running faster than God. Zaccheaus did not actually run ahead of the crowd so he can prove to Jesus that he’s a fast runner, neither did he climb the sycamore tree so he can prove to Jesus or the people following Jesus, that he’s skilled in climbing trees. Check his motives clearly, he did it purely to get the saviour’s attention.


So in focusing on what is working, we’re not saying you should focus on yourself as if you’re the one who’d make things work. If you could make everything work, everything should be working by now. If you could make your dreams work, you should be swimming in wealth by now, if you could perfect your healing, you should be perfectly healed by now. if you could find yourself a spouse, you should be married by now. Whatever you want working in your life should have been working by now, if you could do it yourself. Bible says in Ephesians 3:20

Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

Bible says according to the power (His power) that worketh in us and not according to our own power or our wish alone


Now, here’s how you will know that what I’m saying about Zaccheaus is true. The moment Jesus got to him, and looked unto him, the first thing he said was, Zaccheaus, come down quickly. He’s not only telling Zaccheaus to come down from the tree, he’s saying come down from your high estate. Deflate your pride, the reason things aren’t working is partly due to your pride and arrogance. You’re a tax collector and you have more money than almost everybody, yet there’s a vacuum money cannot fill. You need to come down from that level Zaccheaus, i may have looked up to you and put the spotlight on you, but that’s because love is my own nature and recipe for every situation., the only way I can save you is to love you first and besides, I saw your heart, its genuine, you want me.”

It is good for Zaccheaus to have climbed the tree, as a vantage position to see Jesus, but hey, relax, Jesus is here now, the next thing is to come down from your yourself, because God will not climb up to your level. You need to come down from your estate. Nothing will work if you remain at your level. Come down may mean come down from the tree, but it certainly means more. You also may need to come down from certain positions you have exalted yourself , even as you sought the saviour. For instance, you shouldn’t be too spiritual to hear God speak, you shouldn’t be more interested in talking to him and pouring out your heart than hearing him tell you what to do. You should not be carried away with activities you do for him that you forget he has more for him. To man, it’s better to give than to receive. That’s what the Bible says. But believe me, to God, it’s better to receive than to Give, because there’s nothing you actually have that he didn’t give you. There’s nothing you give him that will make him a bigger God. He’s already the biggest God he can be. So, dear, please come, slow down, and listen carefully, the saviour’s here. Wipe your tears and present your case


Zaccheaus did not wait to hear this instruction twice, he did not say “excuse me sir, I have an idea, what if we apply the Pythagoras theorem of success.?* No, he came down straight away. Zaccheaus had climbed a tree, as vantage position to see Jesus and already has become the star of the moment since Jesus looked up to him. “Can you imagine, the saviour looked up to me. Now, the saviour is here and the first thing he’s saying to him is to come down. Zaccheaus didn’t say , “Ah, come down? Do you know what I went through to get here and climb this tree, do you know I’m rich, why not let’s talk this way”


Let me tell you something. The way to get things working in your life is not to start talking too much or telling everyone who cares to listen about the reasons they must help you. Please stop begging everyone here and there as if it’s a mandate for them to bless you or buy your product. If you trying selling to a prospect and he’s not hearing you, look for another, don’t wait until people start avoiding your calls or barring your phone number. Don’t become a pest on other people’s lives.. That you’re somebody’s employee does not make him your ATM machine, does not make your an unrepentant beggar before him, as if it’s a crime to have staff. Stop begging for contracts. Many people have even taken ministry as a camouflage for begging for alms. That God used you for a fellow and they got a miracle does not make them owe you eternally. So stop disturbing them. God did it, not you. They may or may not even appreciate it, it matters less. What the Bible says is that we will reap what we sow, he didn’t say we must reap where we sow! The kingdom laws of sowing and reaping differ from the laws of agriculture at least in this regard  Our God is more than enough. So cut off every desperation, and get desperate with being all He has destined you to be.


Greatness, dignity and honour are your father’s names. Don’t behave short of it. If your Landlord harasses you, instead of replying his words, turn to Jesus and give him (the Landlord) a quit notice, tell Jesus you’re leaving his house before that rent is due. When sickness harassed Hezekiah and Isaiah even pronounced his death sentence, Hezekiah respected the prophet as one sent from God, but gave that sickness a quit notice. He in turn got himself a life extension instead of death. Stop cramming 101 rules for success of 96.5 secrets of sudden breakthrough, except they’re all pointing you to Jesus as the one who blesses without adding any sorrow. Talk less, think more. Think Jesus more.


The biggest reasons things don’t work in our lives is that we know too much, sometimes, we talk too much. If you’re dealing with men, you may try to outwit them. See, with God, formulas of men will fail, Bible says in 1 Corinthians 1:27 that God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty. Where he’s leading you may look funny, what he’s telling you will sound strange, but if you’d obey without delay, you’d hasten your miracle and shorten your misery. Remember that delayed obedience is still disobedience.


Whether with men, or with God, arguments are useless. They waste 2 precious things that you cannot get back. Arguments waste your time and squander your anointing. Rather than argue with men, keep quiet. Instead of arguing with God, just obey. Remember the Lame man in John chapter 5 verses 1 to 8. It is already evident that the reason he stayed there that long was because he talks too much and argues away his opportunities. Even when Jesus the great healer asked him if he he’d like to be healed, The word ‘Yes’, was too big a reply for him to give, rather he chose to justify his delay and explain away his miracle. He preferred to argue with the saviour. Thank God for the merciful saviour who healed him despite his weakness.

When you ask some people why they’re broke, they say it’s the economy, justifying their poverty with the economy as if everyone is affected by the economy. Rather, get furious at the situations you find yourself and hold on to God’s word for your deliverance. Stop arguing away your miracle or justifying your sickness. All sicknesses are oppressions of the enemy even if medicine and doctors call them any name.



So Zaccheaus came down and he got Jesus in his house. What a honour! Slow down friends, be humble, come down from your estate, and hand over to him. Stop boasting about your years of experience or your numerous degrees or your expensive certifications, or how many years you’ve been born again or your titles. Just say, I surrender. I surrender all. Make me whatever, take me wherever, tell me whatever, anything that will make things begin to work, Jesus is here now, and he’s the one in charge. He’s the new sheriff in town. He needs no assistant. He’s God all by himself

Please come to Jesus today if you haven’t. Take him in to your heart and life now. Accept him as lord and saviour. Say Lord Jesus, I come to you. I receive you in to my heart today. Write my name in your book of life. I drop my arrogance and enrol in your school of grace. I’m glad I came today. I’m free indeed. In Jesus mighty name. Amen

Today’s Lifeclass  humbles me, I hope it did same to you. Say thank you Jesus. Lord I thank you for the honour you gave me to share these words, I’ll forever be chasing after you. Thank you Jesus

Join me tomorrow on another episode of Lifeclass

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