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Its another day on Lifeclass. Thank you once again for joining in. I’m David Adeniji, and I want to talk to you about something important this morning.

You can’t climb Alone

We’ve been talking about climbing higher than your limitations, drawing nearer to God, and also drawing nearer to your relationships. I want to tell you his morning that yes, it is good to climb higher, but we can’t climb alone. You can’t climb alone and that’s the topic for this morning, still under the big broad theme – Focus on What Is Working

To explain this point, we will look at another interesting and rather intriguing story in Mark chapter 2, from verse 1. There were 4 men, friends of a paralytic man. This man is paralyzed, not dead though, but couldn’t do anything for himself. Yet, he still climbed higher. So when we say climb higher, we really mean it, you have to climb higher, but sometimes, we need help, you need people to help you climb higher. In case you’re in a situation where you are so tied up, you don’t even know how to go about it.


This paralytic man in Mark chapter 2 still climbed higher even though he was paralyzed. However, he didn’t do it on his own, he climbed higher through friends. He climbed on people. Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t have encountered Jesus if they were to follow the protocols. The crowd was big, just like it was with Bartimeaus and Zacchaeus when they encountered the saviour

In this case the situation is even worse than that of Zacchaeus’ and Bartimeaus’ as this man is almost lifeless and cannot wield any effort, but his friends determined to get him to Jesus. Some things in life are not negotiable. Talking about focusing on what is working, it appears nothing is working in this man’s life, but something is – he had friends. The only thing working at this point in this man’s life was the group of friends he had. And the only thing they could do at this point was to climb with him, if he’s to see Jesus; if he’s to be healed

Bible says in verse 4 of that scripture that “When they could not come near to him due to the crowd, they uncovered the roof where Jesus was, and when they had broken it up, the let down the bed where the sick of the palsy lay. And when Jesus saw their faith, he said to them, son, your sins are forgiven.


You may call it protocol breaking, and you’re not wrong. How about the roof they destroyed – a discussion for another day.


These 4 men were not the ones who needed to see Jesus, their friend was. But they had to climb with him if he’s to be healed. So hear it first-hand. If you’ve been trying to climb alone and it’s not working, maybe you need to re-strategize. You can’t climb higher and faster when you climb alone.

Now it’s good to climb alone, don’t get me wrong, but imagine of you also get a push from people, where people have to be the ones carrying you. Many of us have not reached that level, we’re still trying to run alone. We’re not making the best use of the opportunities God has brought our way – in people and institutions. You can’t climb higher and fast when you climb alone, because you rely on your strength alone.

Now again, please don’t get me wrong. If you don’t find people to climb with, please just climb on your own. But if you ride on people, you enjoy unusual lifting. Maybe I need to reprogram your thinking about who these kind of people can be. When we talk about climbing higher with people, I’m not saying it necessarily has to be people bigger than you. I’m not saying it has to be people bigger than you, or people connected high there, up there, in government. It can be those once too, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t have to be. It could be your staff, people working under you, people whom you don’t esteem high. Your assistants, your office assistants, your support staffs. I’m just saying it could be anybody. Bottom line is, when you ride high on people, you enjoy unusual lifting.


These 4 friends also got to Jesus for helping their friend get to Jesus, and that’s another point. When you help people climb, you also climb high. When you push people up, you’re also going up. An easy way to get things done is to help other people get theirs done.


The question we should then ask ourselves is that who helps you climb? Who climbs with you? Who carries you high? For Zacchaeus, it wasn’t a person, it was a sycamore tree. One of the largest plants on earth, the sycamore represents an already built structure of help. To identify the right association, you only need to ask yourself one question – will I know God more through it? There are certain readymade structures we need to climb on, if we’re to climb higher. I’m going to be talking about those structures tomorrow. Those structures that will help you climb.

But today, I want to tell you also, that in climbing high, there are also challenges. There are challenges up there. Consider the sycamore tree that Zacchaeus had to climb on in Luke 19:1-10. Do you know that on that sycamore tree, there are other inhabitants? Remember that birds nest on that tree. There could be ants on that tree. As a matter of fact, there could even be snakes. So climbing high or going high also has its own challenges. So do not think because I said you need to climb higher or go faster, it will be all roses. The point is you’ll definitely move faster, but be ready also to face some challenges.


To stay on top, you must be determined. Of all the trees around, Zacchaeus chose the best. He could have chosen several other trees, but he chose the sycamore, the best, which of course comes with its own challenges. And on that tree, there are issues, risks, pains, inconveniences, leaves, sharp spines, tight branches, fruits, animals, snakes. All these are challenges he had to contend with on the tree. So in climbing higher, be ready, because even though there will be speed, and you’d be moving faster than your colleagues, yet there will be several others challenges you need to contend with. Because there are few people up there.

Tomorrow, I’m going to be taking about who and what structures helps you climb. This is still Lifeclass with me David Adeniji

If you love this and you need someone who’d help you climb, let me introduce you to someone very sure, who’d help you climb. His name is Jesus Christ. He helped many of us climb, he helped me climb, and he will help you too. Just say Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I know you’re the one who helps people climb. As a matter of fact, you’re the healer. I want you to heal me of whatever it is that’s holding me down. I want you to save me today. I will forsake my sins. Please write my name in the book of life. From today, I want to be free, please be with me. Thank you Jesus.

Many thanks for being here, join me tomorrow on another episode of Lifeclass. Tomorrow, I’m talking about who helps you climb. What structures do you need to climb. Thank you.  Let’s meet tomorrow, by God’s grace.

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