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friendship is powerful

I’m glad you’re attending LIFECLASS once again today. A big welcome to you. Good day. Gradually we’re moving on, on this journey and sooner than I expected, we’re having testimonies already. Please visit our website to share us your feedbacks, testimonies or questions.

Yesterday, we made a strong statement that you cannot climb alone. And that you need to harness the opportunities that God has given to you in people, to get things work faster in your life.

Now, When God gave me the wisdom of having friends that help you climb came, I said to myself, do we really still have the kind of friends this paralytic man had. The paralytic man in Mark chapter 2. Seriously, are there still these kinds of friends

Focus on what is working could simply mean focus on investing in relationships that will in turn support you in future.


At a point where nothing appears working in this man’s life, the only thing that proved to work was his relationship with these four friends.

You could also be in a situation where nothing just seems to work. You get failure just at the edge of every success, you still cannot get a firm grip around your finances or you’ve listened to several sermons and motivational teachings, yet you’ve not discovered purpose. Or you’ve read hundreds of faith books or books generally and yet you cannot overcome that start-up inertia. I’ve been there severally.

What the Bible recorded here as the case of this paralytic man is absolutely true and thoughtful. Many of us are paralyticin a sense, we are helpless and the only thing that can suffice is for God to connect us to friends that will help us climb.


Now pause here and examine my last statement. Bible says a friend sticks closer than a brother.

Prov 18:24 – A man that has friends must show himself friendly, and there is a friend that stick closer than a brother.

I laugh when some people tell me they have friends. Of course, one has no enemies. But just because you’re reading my posts everyday on social media or you occasionally give thumbs up to my nuggets on WhatsApp or Facebook does not confer on you the kind of friendship status earned by that paralytic man from those his 4 friends. Please don’t be deceived, the friendship were talking about here is not social media friendship or Instagram followership. You can have one million followers, but have no friends. The scripture in Mark 2, gives us the real definition of friendship.

I’ve had a tough journey through life, God smiled on me, when he taught me these lessons. I hear many people call me son, they call you their protégé  and they boast about it. But when you have troubles, they turn away their eyes and try to show the way without leading the way. They pray for you and send you away hungry. It made me conclude that friends can carry you where fathers cannot. I’ll prefer to choose a father among my friends. Because then, I will have the double honour of calling them my friends and my father.


A friend is one who will lift you in times of trouble. One who will help you climb when you cannot help yourself.

A few years ago, I was in trouble, serious trouble. I had 2 businesses and none was moving fine. I was in serious debt as my clients had paid for some services, but my Landlords sent me packing. And yet again, I paid another agent for another office and then found out I’ve been swindled. The landlord told me to collect my money from him, as no agent paid him. He threw me out and locked in my equipment. Even when I raised money to pay him, he doubled the rent. Now, I was in serious trouble. My clients started by sympathizing with me, and gradually descended into arrest threats. I knew jail was looking me in the eye. In all of these, I kept calling on Jesus to save me. With my wife, I ran to everyone I believed were my friends. But just at the expiration of the period I had to sort this out, the lord told me to visit one of my friends. I knew he didn’t have the kind of money I needed to get out of that mess. But I must get the money that day (a Sunday) or risk going to jail the next day (Monday). All I needed was to reopen that business the next day and in a matter of days, I will make enough to pay off all my debts.


I got to his house crying, he didn’t have that money I needed, but he immediately carried the attitude that if he doesn’t help me, no one will. That day, I knew how to qualify as a friend. He secured a loan that Sunday through one of his contacts and transferred it to me that same day, so I don’t go to jail the next day. Guess what, the issue solved that same day, and I paid off all my debts that same week.


Such friends don’t drop from the sky, or happen through prayer and fasting alone. You have to create such friends. Yes, you heard me right. If you don’t purposefully create such friends, you remain where you are, or elongate your journey to the top. Before people get to the level of destroying someone’s roof just so you do not miss your only opportunity to be saved, just as my friend did to me, you must have also purposefully created that bonding, at least

The honest truth is, you may not have given as much to them as thy will now given you, but friendship is full-time exercise. Friendship is something you commit to and build actively. Many of us had bosom friends when we were in school, friends we couldn’t do without. Friends we slept in the same room for years, but then we leave school, and part ways for some years. When we then meet them again, say 5 years, we find it difficult to get close to them like we did before. That tells you that friendship is not a part time endeavour. You must build friends who will later in life, help you climb.


But I discovered that when you sacrifice and sow into people’s lives without the hope of getting anything in return from them, God raises you friends from some other quarters, whose spirit just knits with yours and now carries you and help you climb. I also discovered that one good way to build your friend base is to not just win souls for Jesus, but disciple them. Mentor them and guide them, when they climb, they will never forget you. If you don’t need their help, they will help your children someday.

That huge capital you’re looking for, to make your business boom, is somebody’s weekly fuel money. All that is needed is for a friend to mention you to them. When they see you they fall in love with you, just like the Butler mentioned Joseph before pharaoh in Genesis chapter 41. Remember that Joseph had sowed into his life and built that friendship when they were in prison. Also in 1st Samuel chapter 22 verse 2, when David gathered to himself 400 friends who are frustrated, distressed, who are in debt or in any kind of trouble at all, he was activating this principle of friendship. He was creating the future he wanted in those friends. Little wonder, in second Samuel chapter 23 verse 16, these friends of his have become so powerful and passionate about him that they could break through the ranks of death to get him a cup of water from a well in the camp of the enemy, just because he simply wished it. The same thing is what pushed the paralytic man’s 4 friends to force their way through another man’s roof, to get their friend healed!


So begin to ask yourself, who are your friends or what friendship are you creating. If you’re not consciously creating any, then you’re wasting time, you will not have people to carry you where you cannot go. Check your phonebook contacts, and count the number of people on it that can carry you without asking for anything in return. How many of them can sacrifice their comfort to make you comfortable. How many of your friends will remember you and call you by name in their prayers even when you aren’t there. If the number is few, then I’m sorry your chances are few. It means you’ve not been an active friend maker or you run away from people when they need you the most or you have not been winning souls or you haven’t been nurturing your souls into maturity. Determine today to invest in the people around you, to make friends. I’m talking about social media friendship here, or instagram and twitter followership. I’m saying real friendship, where you sacrifice into people’s lives even without expecting anything back, friendship where you become a stakeholder in other people’s lives and help them climb. If you do that, the Lord will reward you by either raising up those same people to climb with you or raising you other people who will help you climb


Friendship us powerful, please don’t underestimate today’s Lifeclass. Begin to act on it immediately. Reach out to people. Pick your phone, send them messages. Be actively involved in their lives. Do not just call people sons when you do not have a contribution to their lives

I introduced to you yesterday, that if you do not have friends that can help you climb, begin with one friend, begin with Jesus. Say Lord Jesus, I want to make you my friend and I want you to make me your friend. Come into my life, I open up to you. Introduce me to friends that will help me climb. Open my world to a brand new season. I give my life to you as my Lord and saviour, in Jesus name.

As you go about your activities today, remember that friendship is powerful. Thank you Lord Jesus for the opportunity you’ve given us. We’re glad for what we’ve just learnt, in Jesus Name, amen.

Thank You for being here, meet me again tomorrow for another episode of Lifeclass. Thanks

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