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Good day, and welcome to another LIFECLASS. I’m always glad to know you’re here. Remember that you can catch any of the episodes of LIFECLASS you miss, on our website: We bless God’s name for another wonderful opportunity we have. Lord, we glorify you in Jesus Name.

Let me quickly go into today’s episode. In the last class, we saw that one major blockage in your pipe for God’s gush of abundance is anything that shares God’s glory in your life, anything that guarantees you an alternative option to trusting God a hundred percent. These are your prophets of Baal and like Elijah; you must get rid of them out-rightly. You must kill them and get them out of your life.

Today’s LIFECLASS is titled – Get Up. We’re building solidly on the last class.

Now, the prophets of Baal are dead, it’s time for abundance. 1 Kings Chapter 18 Verse 41 brings the next step and instruction for abundance. Elijah told Ahab to Get Up!

What does getting up have to do with breaking our gush of abundance? Believe me, it will do a lot. To understand the weight of that statement, we need to reexamine the present position of the king in that portion of the scripture. I know this is a class and may look different from a sermon, but yet I prophesy to you today to get up and saddle yourself in preparation for your abundance in Jesus’ Name. You have been on this mountain for too long. You have remained hopeless for too long. Perhaps you have endured that situation for too long. It’s time to wake your spirit up and say I’m done with this level. You may have to look yourself in the mirror and just say You know what, I refuse to be held down by anything, not even myself. I’m getting up!

Again, In the last LIFECLASS, we saw that Elijah had to kill the prophets of Baal because their presence had caused the people’s faith to hover between God and the devil, so they had to be taken out of the picture so the people can concentrate their faith on God.  But in today’s class, It’s not about any external force or any devil you need to rebuke. It’s about you making that strong commitment to rise up from your sorry state and muscle up the confidence to change your situation, to get up and change course.

You can imagine how worn out and depressed king Ahab had been in 1 Kings 18 verse 41. Even after the prophets of Baal had been killed, he would be thinking, where will I start from? For three and a half Years, there had been no drop of rain and I’m sure every farm produce was dead. There would be severe hunger in the land. People in his kingdom would already be dying of various diseases.

That king would be thinking – “Well, yes the prophets of Baal are now dead, and God has promised abundant rain, but that’s a promise, I can’t see it yet. Where do I start?” So Elijah’s command came timely. In the midst of that delusion, he said ‘GET UP!’. It’s a command. You have no choice. Just get up! I also command you to get up from whatever hopeless situation you’ve been docked to, against your wish, in Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen

That kings Ahab’s thought may also be what you’re thinking too. That feeling of ‘where do I start from?’ You may then be saying – ‘what I want is to get something going, abundance or no abundance, let me just get something small, something to eat, something to invest small. Just something’! That’s not a good position to be. I’ve been there too. Our God is not a God of something! He’s a God of all things and big things.

I want to tell you that your abundance is an asset worth standing up for. Your destiny is tied to your abundance, so is your fulfillment in life. Only those who break their gush of abundance go ahead to fulfill destiny. You need to get up from that corner or pity, hopelessness or perhaps mediocrity and laziness you’ve put yourself. Consider the case of David in 1 Samuel chapter 30 from verse 1 to 20. David’s camp was invaded while he went to war with his men somewhere.

The invaders took away all their wives and children. The Bible says that David and the people that were with him lifted up their voices and wept until they had no more power to weep. And all the while as he wept, nothing happened. Nothing happened until he rose up and in Verse 6 of that same 1 Samuel 30, the Bible says “And David encouraged himself in the Lord his God”.

What I’m teaching you in today’s LIFECLASS is that you do as David did in 1 Samuel 30 verse 6 – he stopped crying and stopped feeling sorry for himself and stopped counting his loses but instead rose up in faith and encouraged himself in the Lord. Again, what I’m teaching you by God’s leading in today’s LIFECLASS is that you quit getting used to drought, lack, hunger and living an ordinary life but instead Get Up in faith, just as Ahab did and start preparing to live in plenty, satisfaction and spirit-filled extraordinary life.

See, if you don’t stand up and change gear, then your abundance will only be a thing you wish and it will remain elusive. I want you to know that God has you in mind and He has a plan for you in spite of whatever difficulty you may be having on your way to unleashing your gush of abundance. If not, your situation could have been worse.

Now, wait a minute, do you know that God actually has you in mind all along even while you haven’t hit your gush of abundance. He’s the reason you have the little you have now. He’s the reason your situation is not worse than it is right now.

During Elisha’s time when there was famine in the land just like this one we’re seeing in 1 Kings chapter 18, during that drought under Elisha in 2 Kings 6:28, Bible records that some of the women, ate their own children, but here in 1 Kings 18, with Ahab, there’s no such occurrence. It didn’t get that bad. So there’s a reason to thank God. Please, get up and get going! there’s no reason to stay down. Also in the case of David in that 1 Samuel 30 verse 2, Bible says instructively that the invaders did not kill anyone in his camp, they only abducted them. So you see God’s hand all the way. Had they all been killed, there’d be nothing to fight for.

You now see that God has been there all the way. You need to thank Him for that. He has started working on your behalf even when you do not seem to see it. Now He tells you to Get Up and move. He’s got everything planned out. Thank Him. You have no reason to stay on that spot and regret something that had happened in your past. You shouldn’t even sit and start lashing yourself for not following God’s instructions in the past that could have led to your gush of abundance. Even if you’ve failed Him before now and the devil is making you think He’s punishing you for that, whereas He’s not, yet I tell you to get up and get going. Your abundance is just around the corner.

Here’s another reason you need to get up and get moving. You have no choice in this matter. It’s an express command. That statement is not a bit of advice and it doesn’t seek your opinion. You actually do not have a choice in that matter. If you’re attending this LIFECLASS class, then it’s no mistake that you are here. Elijah didn’t urge Ahab to Get Up. He ordered him to. He didn’t even respect the fact that he was a king.

Why? Because it’s not about him as an individual. It’s about the nation he leads. If he is down, the whole country is down. If he hits that abundance as he was soon going to, the whole nation hits it too. When David chose to cry in 1 Samuel 30 verse 4, when he chose to cry over spilled milk, notice that everybody cried with him. That’s how it is with leadership. If you’re a leader in whatever capacity and you choose not to ‘Rise Up’ and take responsibility by breaking that gush of abundance waiting for you, just know that you’re holding down the destinies of all others. I hope you know that being a married man, a father or even a mother already makes you a leader in that family. Please don’t fail your family. Your family deserves abundance. And if you’re asking me, what do I do then? My answer: Do what you think is right. Do what you think is the next thing. You’ve waited long enough! End the waiting. It’s time to act. God’s will is in doing, not in folding your arms and waiting lazily.

Resolve today in your heart that you’re going to follow all the steps towards hitting that gush of abundance that we’ve been seeing and will still see more in this series.  Today’s lesson is simple, buts it’s a must for you. It’s also a command: DON’T STAY DOWN, GET UP and GET GOING.

Say, Lord Jesus, I thank you for today’s LIFECLASS class. I’m sorry I’ve stayed down for too long. I rise out of every fear, doubt, mediocrity and laziness. I stand up for my abundance. No more pity-party and stagnancy.  In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

But this gush of abundance we’ve been talking about only belongs to sons (Born again children of God). I invite you into this abundance today if you haven’t received Jesus. Say, Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I realize how far I have been away from my only source of abundance. I receive your forgiveness and I’m ready to forsake my sins. Thank you for saving me. In Jesus’ Mighty Name. Amen!

When we come to the end of every LIFECLASS, I’m always glad that I thank God we’ve had the opportunity to impact lives. If you have been blessed in any way, then spread the good news of Jesus. Share this message. Invite someone to LIFECLASS. Please, join me again next time. Remain blessed in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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