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I welcome you afresh again to another series in LIFECLASS. If you’re just joining the class, or you in any way missed the last series, please I urge you to head on to our website: Don’t forget that the last series has been released as our first book on this platform titled ‘Focus On What Is Working’. To get the book. Head on to our website:

I need not mention again. I welcome you to LIFECLASS. Today, we open another series titled: ‘GUSH OF ABUNDANCE’. And I title today’s episode: ‘SUDDENLY’. In this series, I’m going to be taking us as usual on a journey to breaking an outburst and an unstoppable flow of abundance in our lives and in everything we do. Be it family, business, relationship, governance or even ministry.

Just like I did in the last series, I will be zooming in closely in on some accounts in the Bible where we can learn in graphic details, the steps to be taken to access abundance. Very quickly, let me tell you that our God is a God of abundance. If you’re used to managing and just living to survive, I’m simply inviting you in this series into another realm. Again, I will tell you that this gush of abundance happened to me and that makes it even easier to teach. Contrary to what you might think, God himself is an abundant God and he wants nothing short of abundance for you. Lack or just survival is not His best, abundance is. If you don’t believe me, then look at what He says in Isaiah 41:18-20.

18. I will open rivers in high places, and fountains in the midst of the valleys: I will make the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water.

19. I will plant in the wilderness the cedar, the shittah tree, and the myrtle, and the oil tree; I will set in the desert the fir tree, and the pine, and the box tree together:

 Look closely from verse 18 of that scripture. When rivers open suddenly in high places and fountains appear in the midst of the valley, that is in the midst of mountains, or when pools of water spring up in dry places, they don’t rush gently, if they must have an impact, they gush out with force.  So it is when God gushes his abundance on you. It happens suddenly and with full force. It defies human explanation or corporate gradual promotion.

And in verse 19, when all sorts of wonderful trees begin to grow gracefully in the wilderness or desert, then what God is saying is that even in the most impossible situations, there’s no doubt about His ability to enforce his will for us – abundance. In the next month or so, we will be going on this journey to realizing that abundance.

But then, there’s an unfortunate misconception that we often have about God’s ability to bring out abundance. We think there has to always be a long process and a long waiting time. If I was only a motivational speaker, I would have told you that yes, you need to wait for long before this and that happens. But the examples I’m going to be giving you in this series are such that prove wrong all the human assumptions about God’s ability to usher in abundance.

If you’re a secretary to one of junior staff in a multinational company, and you aspire to become the MD of the company one day, I know you’d be ready for a long walk and long journey to such position. It may even never happen till you retire. But if you ask Joseph in Gen 41:14, he will disagree with you. This night, he was a prisoner, tomorrow morning, he was made a prime minister. No gradual promotion, nothing! Also if you ask Elisha in 2 Kings 7, he will also disagree with you because today, people ate themselves for hunger in Samaria, but by tomorrow evening, food had become so surplus that it was sold at ridiculous rock bottom prices.

God’s ways are not our ways and the promotion structure in God’s kingdom is not like the usual corporate governance structure or government civil service. So in today’s class, I want you to reprogram your mind and rearrange your perception about how God brings abundance because what you see is what you will get.

There are steps to this gush of abundance and we’re going to be going through them in this series, but let no one talk you into thinking it takes years for God to convert your lack to plenty or your just-enough to more than enough. In just one night, God moved me from hunger to abundance. It’s like – this night, I slept in hunger with my family, and then by tomorrow morning I had more than enough that I could even give to many people. So I have seen it first-hand. Opening you a gush of abundance is not something hard for God to do. Trust me he can do it overnight or in a matter of minutes.

The Bible says in Psalm 50 verse 10 that He, God owns all the cattle upon a thousand hills. It’s like saying he owns all the million and billion dollars you hear in the news every day. He owns all the money saved in every bank. He owns all the shares in every company that boasts of huge market shares. Our God, I mean your God owns everything. So your gush of abundance can happen suddenly and within a short time.

Today’s LIFECLASS is telling you to believe that completely and quit thinking that things will only happen little by little. Or let me ask you. If Joseph was earning ₦200,000 per month while in that prison, of course you know he earned nothing, he was an ordinary slave, but let’s just assume he earned as much as say ₦200,000 which in our own clime here, we will say is a fat pay. Now tell me. How many months of earning that do you think he’ll have to save up to become a prime minister in a foreign land. It may never happen in his lifetime.

If your finances are to remain the way it is now or grow in the same rate it is growing right now, and there’s no sudden gush of abundance from God, then believe me, it might take you decades before you have so much as to begin lending to nations, like the Bible says we will do in Deuteronomy 15:6. And it may never happen. What I’m saying, in essence, is that God will have to break the natural protocols to create that gush of abundance in your life.

And just why would He want to do that. Why do you think He’s so keen on turning on this gush of abundance for you? Look no further, the answer is in verse 20 of that passage, Isaiah 41:18-20. Let’s look at verse 20. That He wants to turn on a burst and outflow of abundance for you rather than the peanuts you’re experiencing now,  is so that they (the world) may see, and know, and consider, and understand together, that the hand of the LORD hath done this, and the Holy One of Israel hath created it

Yes, you heard it. So that the world may know and see clearly that God’s hand has done it. So that He will be glorified. So it’s not really about you. Stop thinking that you’re the first beneficiary of God’s blessings in your life. No, you’re not! God is! God himself will be glorified first. So always be ready to glorify him first with anything He gives you. Always think of honouring Him first with the gush of abundance He’s going to open on you, or even the little He has already given to you.

The reason he’s going to do it is not that you asked or that you will ask, it’s because He will be glorified first. It’s so that people can see it and marvel. It’s so that people can come to know Him more through you. So if all these are not yet settled in your mind, then settle it today before we go deep into this series.

Today, there are only 2 action points for you:

  1. Reprogram your mind about God’s blessing. Many times, you have to wait for Him. But trust me, He can bless you suddenly and take you from the dust to the top without stage-wise promotions in between. He can turn on a gush of abundance on you. So believe that and expect it from today.
  1. The second action point for you is to start planning how you will glorify God with this abundance He’s about to gush on you. Or better still, start working out how to glorify Him with what you already have. I mean everything you have now. Your car, your house, your money, your children, your job, your sweet voice, that your beauty, your connections, your huge social media followers, your skills, just name them, your everything. Pull up a sheet of paper and draw two (2) columns. The things you have on one column and how they should be used to glorify God on the other column. Don’t ask me how. The Holy Spirit will guide you on that assignment and open your eyes to so many areas He’s been trying to show you on how to glorify Him.

Say “Lord Jesus, I thank you for who you are. Your ways are not my ways; you make ways where there are none. You do things that defy human reasoning or logic. I believe you and I’m ready for this abundance. I’m also ready to glorify you with all I have because that’s the reason I have them. My hands and heart are open for this gush of abundance. In Jesus Name,” Amen!

But if you haven’t received Jesus, then I’m glad you came. Without Jesus, all I’ve narrated are not possible. Say “Lord Jesus, I come to you today, I’m ready to receive you as my Lord and Saviour. I don’t want to miss this abundance. I’m ready to let go of everything I am in exchange for everything you are. I receive forgiveness for all my sins. I’m free from today in Jesus’ Name.

Many thanks, everyone. The new series is ‘GUSH of Abundance’ and today’s topic is ‘Suddenly’.  Please join me again tomorrow on LIFECLASS by God’s Grace. Amen.

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