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Hello LIFECLASS, I welcome you to your new season of abundance. Now we’re very close. A few days ago, we heard the sound of abundance of rain, and then yesterday, we learnt to be obedient to God’s promptings that will lead to our abundance, however simple they may sound. Today, I can’t hold this revelation to myself. Let me jump right in. I welcome new members into LIFECLASS. Our website is:
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I title today’s LIFECLASS – Mount Your Carmel. For Elijah in 1 Kings Chapter 18, Mount Carmel symbolizes something crucial to the abundance for the land. Let me tell you this LIFECLASS, you’re not meant for the valley. You’re not designed for a fireless Christian life without exploits. There’s room for you on top. Please listen carefully. What I’m about to share by God’s grace is more than what you think.

5. Elijah himself shows us the next step to abundance. Whereas he instructed Ahab to go up, to eat and be merry, he, on the other hand, went up on Mount Carmel to pray. That prayer is not ordinary, it’s one in which comfort is sacrificed. The Bible says in James chapter 5; verse 15 that the effectual, FERVENT prayer of the righteous availeth much. Also take note that he went up to Mount Carmel, the exact place where he had earlier called down fire before leading the prophets of Baal to Brook Kishon where he killed them.

Mount Carmel is, therefore, a personal altar for answered prayers. It’s a place Elijah himself had prepared for himself. Everyone must have this sort of altar. Not necessarily in a physical location, but by consistent action, attitude and dedication. And why not, you could designate a spot in a corner of your room as a Carmel point for meeting God regularly. But the most important thing is to understand the importance of prayer if you want abundance.

Nothing can substitute prayer, fervent prayer. No matter what you do, you must pray to get results. Giving cannot substitute prayer, fasting will not, service will also not substitute prayer. These days, we see Christian’s engage in all these other commandments (which of course are God’s will) but abandoning their prayer altars thinking God will understand. The point is, when you give, fast, dedicate yourself to God’s service all in faith, you get answers very quickly to your prayers, sometimes even before you ask. All these other acts are faith responses that guarantee speedy answers to your prayer. So if you flunk prayer, nothing happens in essence. When you win souls into the kingdom, the Bible says you’re wise and wisdom in itself is a defense to one who has it. But prayer is key in your quest for abundance.

Also let’s distinguish between these two: Corporate prayer and personal prayer. Please whatever you do, never abandon your personal prayer altar or substitute it for any form of service. The enemy is on a rampage, taking advantage of Christians’ carelessness and shooting at them from the rear. You will not be a casualty in Jesus’ name.  At your altar, you build intimacy with God and birth revelations and receive personal instructions for your own spiritual journey. Please don’t be careless, don’t indulge yourself with Corporate anointing, thinking you’re still strong without your own Mount Carmel (personal altar)

Corporate prayer is also a commandment from God according to Hebrews chapter 10, verse 25. That is where we collectively take the battle to the gates of the enemy and together advance the course of God’s kingdom in this wicked world. So, you see that both are imperative. Never substitute one for the other.

But briefly, let me talk about the burden of leadership when it comes to breaking this Gush of abundance. Leaders climb higher and stay higher. Elijah instructed Ahab to get up, eat and drink, but he went ahead to pray and intercede. As a leader in any capacity, you must be a step ahead of your followers and become responsible for their abundance. A leader should be prepared to go two miles if he has instructed his followers to go one mile. For many of us, we wouldn’t have achieved much if someone or some people at one point in our lives or the other did not take it upon themselves to help us birth a new level in our lives.

That explains the case of Elijah in 1 Kings Chapter 18, verse 42. Elijah took upon himself that weight of responsibility to make sure that the abundance promised by God becomes a reality. True leaders take it upon themselves to see their followers enter their realm of abundance. In this case here, Elijah forced out that abundance through prayer. He didn’t invite Ahab to that exercise, he did it alone. Some battles are better fought alone.

As a family, in your home, I know you have the daily family altar. But the destiny of that family hangs on your neck. You need to take personal time off when others are sleeping to birth that abundance, even though it has been promised by God already. That’s what leaders do. They get the job done, even on behalf of others. If you want to earn your followers respect, go the long haul for them, fight battles on their behalf that they know nothing about. When they eventually get to know, they will respect you.

The bottom line here is that as a leader, you have a part to play in taking delivery of abundance for all your followers. And if you’re already pointing hands to some leader or the other who should be carrying you, then you’re perhaps getting me wrong. I’m talking about you actually. So, swing now into action and get responsible for breaking that gush abundance for others, whether spiritually or physically through prayers or through extra efforts.

And here’s the part where it gets interesting. When the abundance of rain came eventually in 1 Kings chapter 18, verse 45, Elijah the leader, who took the responsibility to birth abundance for his people, in return, got God’s hand of power upon him and he received the strength to run ahead of everyone, he ran on foot, but ran faster than Ahab whom I’m sure raced on a chariot, being a king. That’s grace you know! Hallelujah. That’s what you get when you stand up for others. Here is how the Bible puts it in verse 45 and 46:

45. And it came to pass in the meanwhile, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode and went to Jezreel.

46. And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel

So Mount Carmel is a spiritual vantage position of strength where prayer moves from being a routine but becomes a purposeful tool for forcing down your rain as Elijah did in 1 Kings Chapter 18 verse 42.  And in this respect, I’m saying two things in today’s LIFECLASS:

1. That you need to get violent on your personal prayer altar and

2. You need to be the leader God has created you to be and break that gush of abundance for your people, Go the Extra Mile, help others climb. When you do so, you carry more grace for greater exploits and more abundance.

Say, Thank you, Lord Jesus. From today, I’m racing up onto my own Mount Carmel of prayer. Help me to put an end to lukewarmness in my prayer life. I stand in the gap for the people you have given to me. My family, my employees, my followers, my colleagues my children, my church, my group members, and my friends. I receive this Gush of Abundance for them in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

Now the Bible says in John chapter 7, verse 32 that he that believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. Do you believe in Jesus? This abundance is for those who have received Jesus Christ into their Lives. I know you’re ready to receive him right away. Say, Lord Jesus, I come to you today. I surrender all. I receive your forgiveness for all my sins and I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for saving me in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

We’ve come to the end of another LIFECLASS. Don’t miss any episode. It takes only 10 minutes of your day. Remain blessed in Jesus’ Name, as you join me next time. Thanks.

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