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Hello LIFECLASS, We continue on our series – Gush Of Abundance. I would encourage you not to miss any of the remaining episodes in this series because it’s about to get even more revealing and life-changing in Jesus’ Name.

Today, I want to tell you that the law of abundance is a law of multiplication within a very short time. It’s interesting to know that God will multiply whatever you present to Him as your all, to produce abundance. I title today’s LIFECLASS – He Multiplies!

I have not left our anchor scripture in 1 Kings Chapter 18 verse 44. Oh dear, that scripture is loaded with virtue. I hope you always have your Bible with you while listening to LIFECLASS. Make sure you check the scriptures again. Before the end of the class, I will show you that the little cloud that Elijah’s servant saw in that 1 Kings 18:44,  very small like a man’s hand, that little cloud is what God multiplied to become abundance of Rain that poured on the city after three and a half years of dryness.

Hear this LIFECLASS, the law of abundance is simply put – a law of exponential multiplication within a very short time. Every little thing or virtue you have now will be multiplied by God to deliver your abundance. In the last LIFECLASS, I asked you, what do you see? Today, the question is – what do you have that God will multiply? Deuteronomy 28:12 says clearly that God will bless the works of your hands. The question is – what do you have in your hands that God will bless?

Let me remind you that LIFECLASS is not a motivational class; it’s instead a class for learning wisdom through God’s word and then receiving the power to be what God’s Word says about you. It’s the Place for people in the same class as God. The LifeClass. So, please these words you’re hearing are not ordinary. Since its God’s word, rooted in the scriptures, it’s laden with power. Sometimes I just thank God I’m receiving them first. Hahaha. Hallelujah! I’m happy you’re receiving it too.

So, hear it again, the law of abundance is the law of exponential (not geometric, but) exponential multiplication within a very short time. I’ve shown you that in 1 king Chapter 18 verse 44. Let me show you what God showed me in John chapter 6 verses 5 to 13

Very quickly, please flip over to John Chapter 6 verses 5 to 13.  In verse 5, The Lord Jesus deemed it fit to feed over five thousand people who had been with Him, listening to his words and one would have thought He would call forth the bread from nothing. But rather He needed something no matter how small, to multiple.

When the Bible says God calls forth those things that are not as though they were in Romans 4:17. He was quick to state there clearly that Abraham believed against all odds. Meaning that there was a raw material still. Faith however small was necessary. The Bible says in Luke 17 verse 6 that faith even if it’ll be as small as a mustard seed will remove a tree from its root and move into the sea. Again, I ask you for the second time. What do you have? Where’s your faith. Do you even believe in this abundance we’ve been talking about for almost one month? If you don’t, I’m sorry. But if you do, you need to take a step further. You need to provide God with something to multiply.

I return to John 6 verses 5 to 13. In verse 5, He asked them where they could get bread. No one had an answer. No bread shop can possibly have enough to feed five thousand (5,000) men not to mention women and children. And even if there was, Philip said, in the NIV version of that scripture that it would take more than six month’s salary to buy enough bread to give each person just one bite, let alone a healthy meal. In verse 8, Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother drew their attention to a young boy who had five loaves, and two fishes. And boom, that was it! The Lord Jesus stopped asking them further questions. That’s something multipliable. The next instruction was – Let the men sit down and be orderly – expectant of abundance!

And in just a very short time, those five little loaves and two fishes had been multiplied to produce more than enough for Five thousand men to eat and take away. We know this of course, as there were even twelve baskets leftover.

This again confirms that the law of abundance is a law of multiplication within a very short time. So I put it to you again, that what do you have that you want God to multiply? If could be a talent, a gift, a stream of income, a spiritual gift or a seed you want to sow at least. if you’re believing for financial abundance. God will not multiply zero.

I will give you yet another example of this law of multiplication before I return to our anchor scripture. Let’s move quickly to 1 Kings 17:8 to 16. Here, we see that the widow at Zarephath was willing to give up what could have been her last meal for the man of God. And guess what? she did, and it never finished! The flour never finished, the oil kept flowing. That’s abundance. The man of God decreed multiplication on the remaining. You know I’ve told you earlier to get rid of that ‘It will soon finish’ mentality. This widow received her own abundance even during the three and a half year drought before God finally rained in the land in 1 Kings Chapter 18 verse 45. But let’s say she had nothing that could be multiplied, then that would have been her end.

See LIFECLASS, I need you to understand that your abundance will happen as fast as you want it. Close your eyes and tell God exactly what you want him to multiply. Say, Lord Jesus, I will glorify you with that multiplication, that abundance in Jesus’ Name. And please, make sure you mean what you’re saying.

But if you’re living without Jesus, then it’s dangerous. The devil will push to multiply sin and fear in your life. As you’ve heard this word, you can’t go back. Open your heart and dedicate or maybe re-dedicate your life to him.

Say Dear Lord, I’m sorry for my sins and I repent of them all. I receive your forgiveness. And I receive you into my heart as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for dying for me. I’m glad I’m free, in Jesus’ Mighty Name.

Thanks, everyone for joining the class today. Remain blessed as we meet in the next class in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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