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Hello, my wonderful LIFECLASS Students. Thanks for being such a wonderful companion. I’m always glad to know you’re waiting for the class. It’s an honour to do this every day. Remember to visit our website: to drop your comments, ask your questions and share your views or testimonies

In the last class, I showed you that your abundance is only a few minutes away, and that explains the momentary darkness that shows up in your sky, as that is a sign of the coming rain.

Today, do you know that sometimes, your gush of abundance has already been released from heaven, but instead of getting to you, it’s currently being occupied by some other people? They have to vacate it! Today’s LIFECLASS is titled: VACATE!

In 2 Kings Chapter 7 verse 5, the moment those four lepers got out of their dark moment and made a solid decision to get out of their moment of confusion, something remarkable happened as a response to their faith. I want you to see it closely for yourself. Let’s flip to 2 Kings Chapter 7 verse 5:

5. And they rose up in the twilight, to go unto the camp of the Syrians: and when they were come to the uttermost part of the camp of Syria, behold, there was no man there!

Wow! No one there, in a whole military camp? What happened? The Syrians had fled their camp. Before we talk about what happened, I think we should examine why it happened. Read that verse again. Notice that in verse 4, the lepers were in confusion about their future. There was uncertainty hanging around them. If they went back into the city, they would die of hunger. If they proceeded into the Syrian camp, they risk being killed. It was indeed a dark moment of decision for them. But they quickly got out of it and decided to move forward and choose life none the less.

Then guess what, the moment they rose up in faith in verse 5, God practically chased the Syrians out of their camp with three types of noise. The first was a noise of chariots, the second was a noise of horses and the third was a noise of a great host. The Lord chased them out of the abundance they had amassed from robbing other people because He wanted to transfer it to Israel.

Today, I see God doing a transfer to you. If you’re experiencing a delay, it could be that the abundance that belonged to you is presently being occupied by certain spiritual forces and you need to vacate them with your faith. You need to force them out by proclaiming with your mouth and rising up in faith to take possession of what belongs to you.

Today, it’s not a joking matter. The reason why many Christians stay on a spot for ages and fail to take delivery of the abundance that God has for them is that they have become too gentle in their faith. You must apply some level of spiritual violence if you will live out God’s best for you. More importantly, is channeling that violence by acting out your faith. If you don’t rise up and move, the enemy will sit on what belongs to you and make you beg for it. No! LIFECLASS.

Verse 5 says, the lepers rose up in the evening, after they must have complained and contemplated from the morning up to that time. You must always get to some point where you trigger up your faith and say, enough is enough! Enough of this stagnancy, I’m moving out of this valley, I’m saddling up for the mountain. Enough of borrowing from everyone around me. I’m moving into my abundance. I’m possessing my possession. You devil occupying my seat, you demon holding back my blessing, you assailant sitting on my abundance, begin to flee right now in Jesus’ Name. Enough is Enough! Spring out people, raise your voice some more, stop being silent. You’ve been silent for long enough. A closed mouth is a closed destiny. Nothing will move if you don’t move it. Some powers may be sitting on your abundance. You need to unseat them. You need to rise up as the lepers did. When you rise up in faith against the devil and his cohorts sitting on the abundance meant for you, they will hear a noise that will make them flee in Jesus’ Name.

You may be saying like David: But the Assyrians own the bounty in their camp. Why should they vacate it for the lepers? Who told you? The enemy owns nothing. He steals from everyone. If you allow him he will steal from you too, the little you have. Spiritual issues need no physical explanation. Don’t let anyone talk you into believing that the reason for your drought is the economy. Who says you can’t control the economy? You have the power to convert recession to abundance over your own nation, if only you will rise up in prayer, then move out in faith and possess your possession.

Hear this in Job Chapter 20, verse 15, the Bible says, He hath swallowed down riches, and he shall vomit them up again: God shall cast them out of his belly.

Listen LIFECLASS, if God promises you something in his word and you have done all you should to position yourself for it, the Bible says in Hebrews Chapter 10, verse 36 that you need to be patient after you have done the will of God, so that that you might obtain the promise. Yes, He says you need patience and you have to patiently wait for your rain of abundance. But He didn’t say you should just keep mute and say nothing or you should just sit down and do nothing. You should occasionally get violent in your quiet place and burst into tongues, in prayer and order any enemy sitting on your abundance to vacate. Even the Lord confirms that in Daniel chapter 10 verse 13. Where the answer to Daniel’s prayer was delayed for 21 days and the Angel bearing the response was held down by the princes of Persia, until God sent a more powerful rescue to force out that release.

Nothing good comes cheap. You must fight for your abundance if you perceive it’s been delayed. For Daniel it was a 21 days delay, for some, it has been a 21 years delay. I crush every appearance of barrenness in your life in Jesus’ Name. Stand up, rise up. Stop being docile spiritually. Your spiritual atmosphere must always be charged with faith. Don’t stay where your spirit will always be polluted of what never get charged up God’s word.

12. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

13. Therefore take unto you the whole armour of God. That’s Ephesians 6:12-13.

That’s God’s word, confirming what I’m telling you today. I think you’ve waited long enough. Even the lepers who could not walk knew well enough to rise up and keep moving, that was after they had made a strong declaration of faith. I’m sure they must have crawled to that Syrian camp. Someone somewhere is sitting in your abundance. Whether physically or spiritually. You need to unseat them. They need to vacate your abundance. They need to hear a noise that will make them flee. Someone needs to hear something that makes them recommend you for that project. Someone needs to see something that will force him to sign that file of yours on their desk.

That’s not all, in that same 2 Kings Chapter 7 verse 5, the Syrians heard three kinds of noise; the noise of chariots, of horses and of the hosts of heaven. This, of course, signifies the lepers’ movement, their prayers as they moved towards the camp and of heaven backing them up respectively. When you rise up in faith, speak words of faith and decree the enemy out of your abundance to take possession of what God has prepared for you, that’s what happens to the enemy, they don’t hear your voice alone, there’s a heavenly amplification. They hear the roaring of the Lion Of Judah – Jesus himself. And they can’t stand it. They will flee and vacate your abundance in Jesus’ Name.

Secondly, when the Syrians heard these, they thought three powerful nations were coming at them – They thought Israel had hired the Hittites and the Egyptians. Hallelujah! In your case, that’s the Trinity; Father, Son and the Holy Ghost on your case. No devil can stand that. I’m sure you’re charged up already, speak out loud and say Satan, vacate my abundance. Enough is enough. I have stayed in this mountain for long enough. I move towards your camp to take possession of all that belongs to me. The Bible says my God has broken the gates of brass and cut in asunder the bars of iron, and given me the riches stored up in the dark places. I Take delivery of all you have held back from me in Jesus’ Name.

See, don’t joke with that prayer, if you said it, believe me, whatever is sitting on your abundance has heard that heavenly noise of chariots, and horses and heavenly hosts and the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit combined and no one hears that and stays, they will flee in Jesus’ Name. Now, the coast is clear and your abundance is here Amen.

Wow! Today’s class is no joke. It’s a serious business. Be sure you have a personal relationship with Jesus because it’s then you’re guaranteed of victory. If you want to receive him, I’m glad you came. Say, Lord Jesus. I come to You today. I repent of my sins, and I receive your forgiveness. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour and so I also take possession of my abundance, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Today’s class took a new dimension. It was warfare all the way. Are you surprised we were praying out loud in class? Well, I hope you did too. And that’s why you should invite someone to this class. LIFECLASS is no joke. God is with us. Please share the invite link with your friends and family. Remain blessed as you join me again tomorrow, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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