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Hello LIFECLASS, thanks for being there and following the class daily. I really appreciate you. Lord Jesus, we thank you for another opportunity in your presence, we receive all that you have for us today in Jesus’ name. Amen! If you have any question, comment or testimony, please visit our website: And you can catch all previous episodes of that website also. Thank you.

Today’s LIFECLASS is titled: The Prophecy of Plenty.  Or let’s just say the Prophecy of Abundance. In the last class, we saw clearly that the primary purpose of our abundance is so we may share the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ, the one who gushed the abundance on us. A perfect example of that is that the four lepers, in 2 Kings Chapter 4 verse 9, the four lepers who stored the abundance they suddenly ran into but started sharing the good news of that abundance. That was great but just before we paused this series for a while, I would need to show you another wonderful revelation that the Lord showed me in the portion of the scripture we have been following closely. Don’t forget we are still on the series: The Gush of Abundance.

In one of the previous classes under this series, precisely when I said we are ONLY a few minutes away from our abundance and that your story is a significant portion of a bigger story that you are a crucial part of a prophecy that must come to pass. I remember saying that the prophecy of abundance over you must be fulfilled whether you cooperate or you don’t. Here is what I mean, today, let me expatiate better on that. Listen to this, LIFECLASS, there is a prophecy of abundance upon you. If you settle down and observe the trends in your life, you will see supernatural handwriting. You will see that all that has happened to you, all the good things that have happened, all of the challenges on your way, all the ups and downs, all the moment of drought, and all that you had to learn during those moments, God had been carefully designed like a script whose ending is already known, a script which has a pre-determined ending. Oh! Did I just say that? There is a prophecy of abundance, a script carefully written by God playing out on your life. That prophecy will come to pass whether or not you cooperate with the author of the prophecy, if you cooperate, it will happen to you. If you do not cooperate with God on it, He would choose someone else, whatever you do, that prophecy must come to pass. When God destined a purpose for a man, even if the man does not cooperate, God will take the purpose and give to another man until God’s purpose is fulfilled. You shouldn’t let that happen, you should be the one to fulfill the purpose of God for your life. You cooperate with God on the prophecy of abundance …and I do I know this? Listen, the Bible says in Isaiah Chapter 34 verses 4-5, please listen to this carefully,

“For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty and floods upon the dry ground. I will pour my Spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thy offspring and they shall spring up among the grass as willows by the watercourses. One shall say I am the Lord’s and another by the name of Jacob. Another nation shall subscribe with his hands unto the Lord and submit himself by the name of Israel.”

Listen, also in 1 Corinthians Chapter 2 verse 9, the Bible says

“Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard neither has it entered into the heart of men the things that God has PREPARED for them that love Him”

So, there is a prophecy of abundance over you and you have to cooperate with God to birth a new level of success in your generation. So, if the past generation has been successful, then that means you have to birth another level of success. If they had not been successful, it means you have to initiate that future of success. It has to begin with you. Some of us have to cooperate with God to birth an abundance that will liberate our families from poverty. It is a serious business; so, don’t think I’ve been joking about this every day for more than a month that we have been proclaiming gush of abundance. It’s not a joke. In 2 Kings Chapter 7 verse 1, Elisha, the man of God prophesied that within the next 24 hours, food which had hitherto been very scarce will be sold at rock bottom prices and as a matter of fact, almost free. Absolutely unbelievable if you ask me or anyone, because before then, in the previous chapter in 2 Kings chapter 6 verses 26-29, some women had eaten up their sons, one of the other women was complaining that “oh, she didn’t let me eat her own child after she had eaten her own child”. They had been eating their children, just like that. Now someone says in 24 hours food will be surplus, that’s how it is with prophecies, they sound ridiculous!

It was ridiculous enough to make a whole presidential aide, a whole king’s aide to laugh it off. The man laughed it off in chapter 7 verses 2-3, “Hello Man of God, even if the Lord creates windows in Heaven, this cannot happen” But you see, the question you will ask that King’s aide, that big man is that “If you believe God can create windows in Heaven, what then stops you from believing that He can rain down food from it. Please don’t doubt any prophecy of abundance that has been spoken over your life. The ones you see in the scriptures, the ones you hear the men of God proclaim over you however ridiculous it may sound. If you have never succeeded in anything you do, or you can recount only few grace, today, I’m prophesying upon you that all that will turn around and things will happen at an unimaginable speed in Jesus’ name.

If you have lost hope of having children because you have tried for years with your wife or husband and maybe the doctor says there is no solution. And here comes a young man in LIFECLASS, prophesying to you that all that is about to change. Will you believe that? Please do! Because it is a prophecy of abundance and it must come to pass over you in Jesus’ name. Just do yourself a favour and believe every prophecy of abundance you’ve received either from God’s word or his anointed servant. It may sound impossible, but our God specializes in making the impossibility possible. There is more to your situation than meets the eye; just one contact with the supernatural will move you miles and years ahead of your personal stress.

When Moses went to Pharaoh to liberate the Israelites from their 430 years of slavery in Exodus Chapter 2 verse 1, Pharaoh kicked. But guess what, even the Israelites he was fighting for saw it as a ridiculous idea, they lashed Moses in Exodus Chapter 2 verses 20-21, for even making the move at all. Yes, he was ridiculous but it was a prophecy that had hung over them from Genesis Chapter 15 verses 13-14, even before the slavery started. The prophecy stated that it would be 400 years. Now it was 430 years, they had delayed themselves for 30 solid years by refusing to accept their prophecy of liberation.

Now check out what happens in 1 Kings Chapter 7 verses 16-20 when the prophecy was about to come to pass. Elisha’s prophecy came to pass, abundance came within 24 hours. Unbelievable, right? The Big man who doubted it at first, that king’s aide wasn’t lucky to see it; he was trampled to death by people just because he didn’t believe it. So, the man of God said it would happen but you will only see it, you will not partake in it. You don’t need to miss out on God’s word for you, there is a prophecy hanging over you and if you check through the scriptures, there is a word directly for you. Settle down and find yours and when you find it, begin to believe it. Believe every prophecy of abundance you see in God’s word over you. If you haven’t seen any, I prophesy abundance over you today whatever you are expecting or whichever way you’re expecting it in Jesus’ name. Amen. As Elisha said I also decree that in less than 24 hours there will be a turnaround, there will be a way of abundance. Just believe it and thank God until you see it in Jesus’ name. Father, we thank you for today’s LIFECLASS. If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, there is a prophecy over you; He’s waiting for you to come to Him. He said come unto me all ye that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. The Lord is waiting for you. You need to give your life to Him. Say, Lord Jesus, I’m ready for this abundance, I do not want to miss out on the fulfillment of the prophecy of this abundance, I commit myself unto you and I ask and receive forgiveness for my sins. I receive you as my Lord and Saviour, thank you for saving me in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen! Many thanks again for joining LIFECLASS today; we are almost rounding off this series. Remain blessed as you join me in the next LIFECLASS. Remember to invite someone to LIFECLASS. Thank you very much in Jesus’ name, Amen!


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