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Thank God we’ve finally come to the end of this series. Hallelujah! Not an end really, we’re only pausing the series here. It’s been a long journey and my heart overflows with joy for having wonderful students like you in the class all along.

If you missed any of the episodes in this series or any episode at all, please catch them on our website – Actually, you need to visit that website. So many resources within a very short time. The gush of abundance series will also be released as a book. You can get a copy of the book also on our website.

Very quickly LIFECLASS, I need you to help me celebrate my wife ‘Happiness’. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday to you my lovely queen. Thanks for supporting LIFECLASS, SOF, and Thinkally and intact the whole family. Welcome to your gush of abundance. As your days are, so shall your strength be. You will spend your years with grace for great exploits in Jesus’ Name. Happy Birthday! And not just her, I celebrate you all, every LIFECLASS student.

Today’s class is titled: Finally, The Rain Is Here. It’s definitely a day of celebration and my joy knows no bounds. I head right away to that passage which has been our anchor scripture for most of this series. I know you’re already opening it yourself. Of course, I’m sure you have mastered that scripture and meditated on it over and over again. That is 1 Kings chapter 18  – the whole chapter. But today, please flip to verse 45 and 46.

Now, hold in a second, that’s actually name thing I’ve been able to show you in LIFECLASS. Looking consistently into God’s word, especially looking onto just a portion for so long and birthing into yourself all the revelation that God has for you in that place, for that particular season of your life. It’s important you know that if you can’t get a solution to your problems in God’s word, then there’s no solution elsewhere.

In verses 45 and 46 of 1 Kings chapter 18, the abundance finally came, the heavy rain finally fell, after all the preparations, cleansing, prayer, praise, obedience, focusing, waiting and positioning. The Bible says:

45. And it came to pass in the meanwhile, that the heaven was black with clouds and wind, and there was a great rain. And Ahab rode and went to Jezreel. 

46. And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.

In verse 45, the Bible says: And There Was Rain. Simple and short. So today, it’s a proclamation. Something has just happened to you, that will change your life and the way you live. I just want to tell you that your gush of abundance is here. I proclaim to you that your rain of abundance is here. Have ever heard it especially in Africa here, when people say, someone is holding the rain so that it does not fall, maybe because they have an occasion and all of that, but then I laugh and say that no one can put God’s work on hold. If God is sending rain and anyone decides to block it, such a person will be swept away in the flood and no one can rescue him. The same is the case with this abundant rain that has come upon you today, it’s a prophecy coming to pass. It’s a divine act from God and you need to even brace up not to be overwhelmed by it because it’s about to get heavy. And when I say rain, I still mean the same thing as a gush, abundance in a very short time. Be it financial abundance, an abundance of the spirit, an abundance of spiritual gifts, an abundance of wisdom, abundance in every good thing. The whole point is, there will be freedom and grace rather than tightness and strictness or just enough in Jesus’ Name. Amen. So whatever you do, just brace up for this abundance, because something is definitely changing about you. Even Elijah had to alert King Ahab to prepare for this rain in verse 44:

Prepare thy chariot and get thee down, that the rain stop thee not.

As usual, I will show you what in that scripture. It further brightened my spirit. It will brighten yours too. Something happened when the rain fell. In verse 46, the moment the rain fell, the Bible says:

And the hand of the LORD was on Elijah, and he girded up his loins and ran before Ahab to the entrance of Jezreel.

Now take a closer look, at this. There’s no other portion of the Bible where it was recorded that the hand of the Lord came upon Elijah, except for this place where it happened as a result of the rain that fell on him. That rain is certainly no ordinary rain. It’s both physical and spiritual. When this gush of abundance comes on you and you experience a sudden turn around in your finances, please don’t think it was just the natural sharpness of your human mind, rather it was God’s spirit that involved that sharpness. Elijah became as swift as the wind. The Lord’s hand came upon him and he became supernatural even in physical things. Or how do you explain the fact that he ran on foot and ran faster, arriving earlier than one who rode on the horse? Trust me, that’s the result of having God rain on you.

I am someone with a passion for business, but at the same time, I am a student of the supernatural. For years now, by God’s grace, I have taught business strategies to people twice or thrice my age, captains of organizations I couldn’t have reached had I gone by myself in years, and they have come back sharing testimonies of multiplication the same way they would do in church. Even though, I can point say, “oh yes, I got the knowledge from this job or that project or this experience or that book”, but please let’s come off all that. It is purely supernatural. I’m very quick to know that, all that wasn’t me, it was the Lord’s hand upon me. That wisdom He gave to me has put food on my table and has employed several people to work full time and get paid. It’s a privilege, but see, that’s the hand of the Lord that comes on a man after the rain has fallen in him.

So then, with abundant rain cones the Lord’s hand upon you. You cannot separate it. That rain is an initiator of the supernatural. It is as much rain of supernatural provision as it is of supernatural manifestations. It is spiritual.

So here’s what will happen to you henceforth. If you are a salesman or a trader, then your sales will suddenly begin to skyrocket in a supernatural dimension. It will amaze you yourself and you will know that the Lord’s hand is upon you because His Abundant Rain has gushed in you.

If you’re a surgeon or scientist, you will begin to carry out operations or experiments with amazing accuracy and precision, this will become clearly noticeable by your colleagues and all of a sudden, you get elevated to a handle a project that will change your life. All because His Abundant Rain has gushed upon you and His hand subsequently rested upon you.

Just know that whatever you do, the Lord’s hand will come upon you for supernatural manifestations and I will see you on top in Jesus’ Name.

Say, Lord Jesus, I thank You for this gush of abundance and your hand upon me, for supernatural manifestations. Amen.

If you’ve been attending LIFECLASS and you don’t think you have a relationship with Jesus, then now is the right time for you. Please don’t delay. Come to Him today. Say, Lord Jesus, I thank you for the gift of life. I’m glad I followed this series to the end, but I need you in my life. I repent of my sins and I receive your forgiveness. I accept you as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for your hand that will rest upon me from today in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Congrats, I’m really happy for you.

And that’s it for today, and for this series. you can pick a copy of the book – Gush Of Abundance on our website: We will have one week of recess before we start another series. Please go through all the episodes again within this coming week of recess. Revise the classes and digest the revelations. I’ll meet you again. Remain blessed in Jesus’ Name.

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