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Good day LIFECLASS. Thank you for following. I’m glad to reach you again today and let me just tell you that your gush of abundance is very close because today I can hear the sound of that abundance already. And actually, that’s the title of today’s class – The Sound Of Abundance!

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Today, I bring good news for you. Your abundance is close. If you listen carefully, you will hear the sound of that abundance. By the grace of God, I’ve been studying God’s word for some time and I can tell you that every line of God’s word is powerful, but it’s been a while now that I see a single verse loaded with so much, so much to extract from that verse we’ve been studying in the last few LIFECLASSES. I’m talking about 1 Kings 18:41.

After we have seen the twin express commands given by Elijah in that scripture – Get Up, Eat and Drink. Elijah went ahead to proclaim prophetically to Ahab what was coming ahead.

For there is a Sound of Abundance of Rain.

Have you ever been to a waterfall? As you move close to any waterfall, even when the waterfall is not yet in sight, you hear it’s sound.

For abundance to come, and however suddenly it may come, you must of necessity hear it’s sound first. You must hear it! This is not necessarily a physical sound or a sign that something good is coming. It’s not the good news that you’ve been promoted at work and so there’d be a pay raise. NO!

Here’s what I’m saying – ‘…Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God’ – Romans 10:17.


You see LIFECLASS, it is one thing for God to tell you there will be abundance, but It’s another thing for you to hear it. If you don’t hear it, it won’t come.

Firstly, The hearing here is from God’s word, the sound of your abundance is hidden in the Word of God. You need to bury yourself in it and hear it for yourself in your spirit. You may have heard and keyed into God’s Word through a minister of God, but you must hear your own. If God must be the source of your abundance, then His word must be the source of that sound of abundance. Without the sound of rain, there would be no rain. Actually, there’s no magic. If you need abundance, you must hear it.

Permit me to take you back to one of the very first scriptures we shared when we started this gush of abundance series. I’m talking about Acts chapter 2 verse 2. Where the Bible says suddenly, there came a SOUND from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind. That was in the episode titled suddenly. Suddenly, there came a sound from heaven like the Rush of a mighty wind. In that episode, I emphasized ‘suddenly’, but now, I want to draw your attention to the fact that there was a ‘SOUND’ from heaven like the rush of a mighty wind. There was a sound before the outpour!

Sound is an important principle in the spirit realm. Nothing actually happens without a sound. Bible says in Psalm 47:5 that God has gone up with a shout. In the story of creation, the first thing that happened was that God Said – he spoke, there was sound. Everything He created, He spoke into existence. You must listen to the right sounds and you must make the right sounds. Abundance never comes without a sound. If you hear the sound of Abundance, you wait for it, then your expectation of faith gets stronger. If you do not hear it, then you get tired of waiting and you may quit just before there’s a gush!

But before talking about the sound you hear, first, let me talk about the sound you emit. The words you speak

Sometimes I hear people say oh I’m an introvert, I don’t talk. If you keep mute always, you cannot experience a gush of abundance. It’s okay to be cool and be still because that’s what the Bible says and that’s how you can hear God speak. But remember that a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Occasionally, look for a closet or a gathering of faith where you can open your mouth and prophesy abundance on your head. Better still, make that your lifestyle. When I was an undergraduate, and you know that as a student, you always hear and feel nervous about these stories of how the labour market is filled with jobless graduates. I understood that I had to speak my way out of that clutter, i.e Speak God’s word upon myself of course. So I recorded a few minutes prophetic proclamation on my phone. I simply said – I will not look for a job, a job is waiting for me to graduate. I also described in graphic detail what kind of job it will be and how much pay I will get. I backed all that up with the scriptures and the Name of Jesus. Then I made that confession my phone’s ring tone and for two years, that sound penetrated through my ears into my spirit until it changed my DNA. Every time I heard it, I spoke it even more, sometimes in the open and people would even notice me. The Lord Jesus said in John 6:63 that the words He has spoken unto us are spirit and life. And since we have His spirit, His Words that we also speak should carry spirit and life if we speak them purposefully and with the faith power.

Guess what happened, when I finished my youth service, that prophecy had taken a grip of my mentality. It had changed my being so much that I became paranormal in creativity. I wrote books, I wrote software, I built networks. I couldn’t settle for anything less than that prophecy. So  I applied for only a few Jobs. In less than 2 years, I had become an employer of labour. Fast forward to now, I lead a business network with thousands of entrepreneurs.
So the next time I tell you to carefully select the words you speak, it’s so that with your words, you can load up your clouds in preparation for your rain of abundance.

Now, talking about listening to hear the sound of abundance  just like Elijah did in 1 Kings 18:41,

You must be used to hearing God instruct your heart from his Word and obeying those promptings must be your lifestyle. You can begin to cultivate that now. Elijah was so convinced that what he was hearing was the sound of abundance of rain and so, he took action on it accordingly, even though no one else heard it.

And that’s another point worthy of note. Many times, you hear things that no one else is hearing. You see things that others are not seeing, God makes you see opportunities that everyone else is ignoring. And you find it hard to convince yourself that it’s God speaking to your heart. You need to train yourself to a level where you won’t need anyone’s permission to hear God, trust Him or believe what He’s saying to you, just as Eli taught Samuel in 1 Samuel chapter 3 verse 9.

This only requires absolute confidence in God’s willingness to lead you aright, your readiness to follow his instructions even if you don’t seem to understand it clearly.

When Elijah heard the sound of abundance, King Ahab was there but he didn’t hear that sound, otherwise, he won’t need to be told again. Elijah heard that sound because he was used to hearing it. If you want to hear the sound that will precede your gush of abundance, I mean if you want to hear God speak, learn this simple tip. Always pause intermittently between daily schedules and bow your spirit to check if there’s something God is dropping in your heart for that moment. Cultivate the habit of inserting those minutes of waiting to hear what God is saying, however busy your schedules are. If you persist at this exercise, you will hear your gush soon. That big breaking word will drop like a credit alert into your spirit. And you will smile. It could be an idea. It could be a word that opens a door. It could be a specific direction. When you hear it, you will not merely be elated in your spirit, there will be an instant manifestation that will follow.

God is always speaking and when we’re tuned in to his spiritual frequency, we will hear. And we must hear. For me, I’m already hearing the sound of abundance, listen very well and you will hear it too. it’s easy, it’s right in the Word (God’s Word). Your Abundance is here. I can hear it in Jesus’ Name.

But again, you need Jesus first, if you want to hear His sound of abundance. If you haven’t given your life to Jesus, it’s your day. Say, Lord Jesus, I receive you today, into my heart. I’m sorry for my sins and I receive your forgiveness. Thank you for writing my name in your book of life. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

We’ve come to the end of another LIFECLASS. Thanks for joining in. Let’s meet again in the next episode by His grace. Remain blessed in Jesus Name. Amen.

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